Fun At Home Learning Kit - Math Grade 2
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Fun At Home Learning Kit - Math Grade 2

Product Code:WG120X

Help children review, bridge learning gaps, and feel confident about advancing into the next grade. Our Fun At-Home Learning Kit provides a hands-on learning experience targeting key math concepts within the Grade 2 math curriculum. These manipulatives help children visualize and learn while having fun.

Under the consultation of an Ontario school board educator with more than 30 years of experience, we put together our kits and activities with math curriculum and learning recovery in mind. Our kits are perfect to help children get ready for the next school year through easy-to-follow, fun, curriculum-based activities.

Our grade 2 review kit covers curriculum topics: number sense, algebra and measurement. Some specific curriculum expectations being covered include children understanding place value to enable any number to be compared and ordered; counting to 200, including by 20s, 25s, and 50s, using a variety of tools and strategies; describing what makes a number even or odd; using units of time, including seconds, minutes, hours to describe the duration of events; and determining pattern rules and use them to extend patterns, make and justify predictions, and identify missing elements in patterns.

Kits are available for grades 1-4. Each kit comes with an educator written Activity Guide packed with lessons and games to keep your child motivated and assist in remaining on track with key learning concepts for each grade.

Grade 2 Kit includes:
Math Manipulative Toolbox - Grade 2
Write & Wipe Student Clock
Magnetic Write & Wipe Mini Board
Write & Wipe Thin Line Marker
Canadian Play Coins - 50 coins
Canadian Play Bills - 50 bills
Foam Number Dice
Addition & Subtraction Playing Cards
Place Value Playing Cards
Time Playing Cards
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This kit contains:
  • Write & Wipe Markers Thin-Line-Each (x 1)
  • Write & Wipe Student Clock - EACH (x 1)
  • Math Manipulative Toolbox - Gr. 2-3 (x 1)
  • Magnetic Write & Wipe Mini Boards (x 1)
  • Addition & Subtraction Playing Cards - EACH (x 1)
  • Place Value Playing Cards - EACH (x 1)
  • Time Playing Cards - EACH (x 1)
  • Canadian Play Coins - Bag of 25 Coins (x 2)
  • Canadian Play Bills - 50 bills (x 1)
  • Foam Number Dice - Set of 4 (x 1)
  • Fun At-Home Learning Math Kit - GRADE 2 GUIDE (x 1)
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