D - Ozobot Bit Double Pack, Black & White*
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D - Ozobot Bit Double Pack, Black & White*

Product Code:OB600

The future is bright with Bit, the original, award-winning Ozobot that teaches the creative side of coding. Get started by controlling Bit with colours! Draw lines and colour commands on paper, then watch Bit respond with spins, zig zags, and cool moves. Once you’ve mastered color coding, move on to OzoBlockly, a drag-and-drop programming editor. Enjoy free drawing activities and OzoBlockly games at ozobot.com. Ages 6 to 99.

Double Pack includes: 2 Ozobot Bits (Crystal White and Titanium Black), 4 custom OzoSkins, 2 Carrying Cases, 2 USB Charging Cables, Bit Playground, Quick Start Guide.

Take full control of Ozobot’s features and learn to code! OzoBlocky is a web-based code-building program that allows students of all ages to program Ozobot by dragging and dropping blocks of code. The first mode allows the youngest programmers to make their Ozobot move, light up and make sounds using only a few simple commands. The fifth “Master” mode allows more experienced students to make their Ozobots do even more by adding several advanced programming features like lists, arrays and button press blocks.
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