D- Ozobot Evo Starter Pack, Crystal White
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D- Ozobot Evo Starter Pack, Crystal White

Product Code:OB800

The smart and social robot that inspires creativity


Power on app-enabled Evo and test out the bot’s surprising speed, insanely bright lights and quirky personality in remote control mode.
Chat with friends and even send Ozojis—emoticons Evo acts out!
Next, Evo goes way beyond pure entertainment...

Pull out the markers and unleash your inner Picasso. Use Evo’s universal colour language to make the bot speed up, spin and more in response. That’s right—you’re controlling Evo with colours!

Take full control of Ozobot’s features and learn to code! OzoBlocky is a web-based code-building program that allows students of all ages to program Ozobot by dragging and dropping blocks of code. The first mode allows the youngest programmers to make their Ozobot move, light up and make sounds using only a few simple commands. The fifth “Master” mode allows more experienced students to make their Ozobots do even more by adding several advanced programming features like lists, arrays and button press blocks.

Once you’ve mastered colour codes and blocks, the rest is up to you. Make an epic racetrack and challenge friends, or create an elaborate Ozobot cityscape. Visit ozobot.com anytime for fresh ideas and activities.


Colour and Line Detection
Proximity Sensing
App-Enabled (iOS and Android compatible)
OzoChat worldwide messaging (gated chat for ages 12 and under)
Remote Control mode
Expressive sounds and LED lights
Character and Content downloads
OzoBlockly-Enabled for introductory to advanced programming
For Ages 8+
60+ Minute Playtime
In the box: 1 Ozobot Evo, Crystal White (1.25 inches), 1 Playfield, 1 OzoSkin, 4 Colour Code Markers, 1 Carrying Pouch, 1 USB charging cable

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