b'FURNITUREJJ167Classic Birch Toddler Storage Unit JJ224Classic Birch Store Anything LowJJ760Classic Birch Cubbies & Shelves LowJJ836Help-Yourself Bookstand(47"w x 113 4"d x 24"h) Classroom Shelves(55"w x 113 4"d x 24"h) Storage Unit(55"w x 14"d x 24"h) (36"w x 12"d x 30"h) LM102Clear-View Bins - Set of 6(131 2" x 8" x 5")LC805Quiet Time Privacy Cube Classic Birch Rectangular Tables Classic Birch Round Tables Classic Birch Classroom Chairs(29"w x 301 2"d x 291 2"h) JJ769 24" x36" Table(16"h) JJ752 42" Table(16"h) JJ32071 2" ChairLC806Privacy Cube Cushion JJ770 24" x36" Table(18"h) JJ753 42" Table(18"h) JJ32191 2" Chair(Approximately 273 4" x 287 8") JJ773 24" x48" Table(16"h) JJ756 48" Table(16"h)JJ774 24" x48" Table(18"h) JJ757 48" Table(18"h)JJ789 30" x60" Table(16"h)JJ790 30" x60" Table(18"h)LK175Outdoor Lounge & Play Bungalow LK173Outdoor Storage Unit LK172Outdoor Store Anything Shelves LK178Outdoor Lockable Storage Cabinet(54"w x 49"d x 45"h)(48"w x 15"d x 24"h) (55"w x 15"d x 24"h) (48"w x 24"d x 55"h)LK223All-Weather Cover LK222All-Weather Cover LK224 All-Weather Cover(48"w x 15"d x 24"h)(55"w x 15"d x 24"h)(48"w x 24"d x 55"h) Outdoor TablesOutdoor Benches LC99291 2" Outdoor Chair LC255Indoor/Outdoor Floor Seats - Set of 4LC486 26" x 36" Table(18"h) LC995 12" x 36" Bench(91 2"h) (173 4"l)LC476 26" x 48" Table(18"h) LC997 12" x 48" Bench(91 2"h)38 For more information, call your local representative at 1-800-268-1268Lakeshore'