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Contact your local Sales Consultant:

Marcel Gagne - National Sales Manager: kEncEmailnbsdfmAxjoufshsffo/db

Randy Graham - Sales Consultant, British Columbia: kEncEmailsboezAxjoufshsffo/db 

Lise Levac - Senior Sales Consultant, Eastern and North Central Ontario: kEncEmailmjtfAxjoufshsffo/db

Melissa Gould - Sales Consultant, Southwestern Ontario: kEncEmailnfmjttbAxjoufshsffo/db

Brent Craddock - Sales Consultant, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario: kEncEmailcdsbeepdlAxjoufshsffo/db

Tania Bejger - Sales Consultant, Toronto, Ontario: kEncEmailucfkhfsAxjoufshsffo/db

Caron Allary - Sales Consultant, Saskatchewan and Manitoba: kEncEmaildbmmbszAxjoufshsffo/db

Peter Flynn - President, Montessori Learning Tools: kEncEmailqfufsAxjoufshsffo/db

Tammy Adams - Sales Consultant, Alberta: kEncEmailubebntAxjoufshsffo/db


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