Kodo Kids Slat Wall
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Kodo Kids Slat Wall

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Wall mounted rack system which is home to a variety of implements such as shelves, tool holders, cup storage, and a unique spool holder. The Slats units can be joined together or split apart offering options in the design of your environment. Whether connected together or dispersed throughout your space the Slat Walls are used for teacher storage as well as a presentation space for materials for your kids.

Classrooms are always in need of more storage and creative ways to present materials to the children. The Slat Wall Storage System is designed as a modular system of shelves and storage implements that are used throughout all Kodo Maker pieces. The wall mounted slat system is expandable to cover a large expanse of wall or mounted individually for smaller spaces. Implements such as shelves, spool holders, tool holders and cup holders simply attach by hooking them over the slats. Slats are integrated throughout the Maker furniture line allowing the implements to be moved from wall to table to Sawhorse. Organize, store, and present materials your classroom Maker materials with the Kodo Slat Wall. Includes: 2 slat walls, 2 saw horses, 4 shelves/table tops, a spool holder, a tool holder, and 2 cup holders.

- 2 Slat Walls
- 2 Sawhorse
- 4 Storage Hooks
- 4 Shelf / Table Top Holders
- Tool Holder
- Spool Holder
- 2 Angled Cup Holders
- 8 Small cups

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