b'Dramatic PlayAn imagination-inspiring space filled withLetsopportunities for toddlers to act out theirPretend MONTHS 12-24thoughts, ideas and feelings.AA1211 Area shown above is approximately 10\'8"w x 9\'5"d.Dramatic PlayINCLUDES:Navy Blue Comfy Classroom Carpet - 6\'Dolls & Play Figures - Set of 9 Puppet Collection - Set of 3First Steps Play-Top Storage Units - Hardwood Doll Crib & Bedding Set Tote & Play Purses - Set of 4Connectable - Set of 2 Push-Button Play Phones - Set of 2Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Baskets - Set of 2Corner Storage CentreKid-Tough Trucks - Set of 3Wave Panels, Straight Panel & Connectors Kitchen Set (Pots, Pans, Dishes &30" Heavy-Duty Toddler Table Play Food) - 36 Pieces7 12" Heavy-Duty Toddler Chairs - Set of 2 Toddler Career Costumes - Set of 4For current pricing, visit Wintergreen.ca 15'