b'LibraryA comfortable, relaxing space filled with toddler-friendly board books, plus a variety of storytelling props for acting out and retelling stories. MONTHS 24-36StorytimeArea shown above is approximately 11\'4"w x 8\'6"d.AA1315 LibraryINCLUDES:Navy Blue Comfy Classroom Carpet - 6\' x 9\' No-Climb Bookstand Puppet Collection - Set of 3First Steps Play-Top Storage Units -Hardwood Side Table Classroom-Tough Vehicles - Set of 8Connectable - Set of 2 Calming Colours Pillows - Set of 5Click & Pose Farm AnimalsWave Panels, Straight Panels & Connectors Board Book Collection - Set of 53Soft & Squeezy Ocean AnimalsComfy Couch for Toddlers Feelings & Emotions Comfy Chair for ToddlersWashable Dolls - Set of 4For current pricing, visit Wintergreen.ca 27'