b'ARTS & CRAFTSDG123Toddler Heavy-Duty Hardwood Easel EE149Toddler Painting Centre for 4 - EE147Toddler Painting Centre for 4 - Lakeshore No-Spill Paint Cups(24"w x 19"d x 391 4"h)Natural Colours(30"w x 30"d x 42"h)Primary Colours(30"w x 30"d x 42"h)TA9 Newsprint Easel Paper - 18" x 24" LC323Toddler Vinyl Paint Smock LA820XSet of 10 Colours LA821 Each Please specify colour:red, violet, yellow, green, orange, blue, black, turquoise, brown or white.LA819 Lakeshore No-Spill Clear Paint Cup LC1340XNylon-Bristle Paintbrushes - Set of 10 PX2128Lakeshore Fully Washable Lakeshore Fully Washable Liquid Tempera Paint Washable Fingerpaint PC5316Fingerpaint Paper - 16" x 22"Liquid Tempera Paint - 1 Gallon - EachPX2020Set of 10 Colours AA342Set of 10 ColoursPlease specify colour:red, blue, orange, turquoise,PX20161 Pint - EachAA3401 Pint - Eachwhite, yellow, violet, brown, green or black. Please specify colour:turquoise, yellow, orange, Please specify colour:turquoise, red, yellow, black,red, green, violet, blue, black, brown or white. blue, violet, green, white, brown or orange.NA1651 White Drawing Paper - 9" x 12" NA1652Manila Drawing Paper - 9" x 12"LA926Lakeshore Jumbo Coloured PencilsLC386People Colours Jumbo Pencils NA1751 White Drawing Paper - 12" x 18" NA1752Manila Drawing Paper - 12" x 18" Jumbo Crayons - 8 Colours Jumbo Crayons - 12 Colours VR112Animal Finger Crayons - Set of 24Jumbo People Colours Crayons - 24 ColoursVX735 Box of 200 Crayons VX748 Box of 300 CrayonsLC363 Each Pack VX275 Each Student Pack VX276 Each Student PackLC363ZDozen PacksVX275ZDozen Student PacksVX276ZDozen Student Packs 62 For more information, call your local representative at 1-800-268-1268Lakeshore'