b'Arts & CraftsAll of the creative supplies toddlers need to express their ideas and feelingsas they paint,24-36 MONTHS draw, stamp and design.LookWhat IMade!Area shown above is approximately 10\'5"w x 10\'5"d.AA1311 Arts & CraftsINCLUDES:First Steps Play-Top Storage Units - Heavy-Duty Toddler Vinyl Paint Smocks - Learn to Count! Dough MatsConnectable - Set of 2 Set of 4 Clear-View Storage Boxes - Set of 6 Wave Panels, Straight Panel & Connectors Mix & Match Sensory Spheres - Set of 16 Super-Safe Tabletop Paper CentreToddler Indoor/Outdoor Washable Fingerpaint - 10-Colour Set Fingerpaint PaperPainting Centre for 4 Fully Washable Liquid Tempera Paint - Newsprint Easel Paper 30" x 48" Heavy-Duty Toddler Table 10-Colour Set White Drawing Paper9 12" Heavy-Duty Toddler Chairs - Best-Buy Jumbo Crayons - Box of 200 Construction Paper -Set of 4Washable Ink Pads - 5-Colour Set Assorted ColoursLakeshore No-Spill Paint Cups - Set of 20 Lakeshore Dough Assortment - Set of 6Nylon-Bristle Paintbrushes - Set of 20 Alphabet & Number Dough Stampers26 For more information, call your local representative at 1-800-268-1268Lakeshore'