b'Nonmobile PlayThis activity-rich environment supports early developmentas little ones explore BIRTH- 12 MONTHSand play in a safe space away from mobile children.EarlyExplorersArea shown above is approximately 10\'3"w x 10\'6"d.AA1115Nonmobile PlayINCLUDES:Store & Explore Play Mat Cuddly Washable Dolls - Set of 4 Explore & Play Activity Rattles - Set of 4Sit-Me-Ups - Set of 2 Giant Sight & Sound Tubes - Set of 5 Colours & Shapes Board Books - Set of 5Safety Gate, Wave Panels & Straight Panels Home Sweet Home Washable Book Childs View Changeable Display CentreConnectors & Wall Adaptors Sensory Stars Beanbags - Set of 6 Infant/Toddler Poster PackLook-At-Me Mirror Centre Colourpillar Sorting Mat Dishwasher-Safe Plastic BasketBackpatters Seat Feel & Roll Bumpy Balls - Set of 46 For more information, call your local representative at 1-800-268-1268Lakeshore'