b'98 WritingGrade Level K 1AA394\x1fEARLY WRITINGPROCESS STUDENT FOLDEROur handy folder guides early writers throughthewritingprocessso they can turn out a polished piece every time!Each folder simplifies theprocessintothreestepsplan, write and finishwith helpful illustrationsthatshowstudents what to do before moving on.Plus, when children get stuck, they just flip the folder over and find tons of helpfulresourcesincludingthe alphabet, the first 50 sight-words, a handy word bank for reference, and more.Best of all, theres room to store everything insidefrom the story plan to the final draft!The 9 12 "x12"folderfeaturesthree convenient pockets.Each4.95AA395\x1fEarly Writing Process Student Folder - Set of 10 47.95Front Cover Alphabet & Descriptive Words Helpful Word ListsGrade Level 1 2 3AA997\x1fBUILD-A-STORY FLIP BOOKOur easy-to-use flip book gives students a fun, hands-on way to create their own stories!It features colourful, illustrated cards for each essential story elementincluding characters, settings, events and conclusions.Children simply flip through the cards to choose the elements for their storythen fill in the details on their own!As students flip and choose different story elements, they can create tons of unique stories!The book measures 4 34 " x 8 34 " and includes 4 sets of 20 flips.28.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grade Level 1 2 3LC1639\x1fMAGNETIC STORY BOARD FF236\x1fSEQUENCE & WRITE STORY TILES This hands-on story board comes with 190 magnetic word, punctuationOur fun-to-sequence story tiles are specially designed to get students and blank make-your-own tiles that stick to it with ease, so students canwriting creativelyas they describe the setting and characters, explain create entire stories again and again!The word tiles are colour-coded bythe storys plot, and more!You get 10 sequencing mats and 10 different part of speech, and each is 1" high.Story board is 12". 54.95 sets of illustrated story tiles.Children place the tiles in order on their LA288 \x1fExtra Magnetic BoardThe board measures 12". 12.95 mat, then use the pictures to write their own story step-by-step!Plus, LA286 \x1fExtra Magnetic WordsSet includes 191 additional magnetickey words on the back of each tile help students get started.Set words and punctuation marks; each is 1" high. 34.95 includes 60 tiles total; mats are 4 12 " x 16 12 ". 64.95Lakeshore'