b'Math 55manipulativesGrade Level 3 4 5GG580Xn HANDS-ON MATH TEACHING KITS - GR. 3-5 - COMPLETE SETMake difficult math concepts a lot easier to understand!Perfect for independent practice, small groups or whole-class learning, our teaching kits can be easily integrated into your math centres or current curriculumproviding a critical hands-on learning element that takes the struggle out of comprehending complex operations!Each ready-to-use kit includes 20 pouches of manipulativesplus a teachers guide with reproducibles that help students visualize their workand then apply it to real math problems!You get all 4 kits shown below, each in a 14 34 "w x 10"d x 5 18 "h storage box. 869.95GG581 n Place Value Hands-On KitStudents boost place value skillsGG585 n Area & Perimeter Hands-On KitKids use the tiles to find the as they build multidigit numbers, identify whole numbers from ones to millions,area and perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapesand explore the various explore powers of 10 and more.You get 20 vinyl storage pouches withways to solve addition and multiplication problems by tiling!The 20 vinyl storage 63 colour-coded cards each, plus a teachers guide with reproducibles. 219.95 pouches each come with 80 double-sided area tiles; kit includes a guide.219.95GG582nPlace Value Extra Student Pack GG586 n Area & Perimeter Extra Student PackYou get 63 colour-coded cards in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95 You get 80 double-sided area tiles in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95Just place the transparencies over the cards to see the answer!GG583 n Fractions & Decimals Hands-On Kit GG587 nMultiplying Fractions Hands-On KitNow students canAhands-onwayforstudentstopracticecomparing,orderingandvisualize multiplying fractions by fractionsas they lay transparencies over equivalencies!Kit includes 20 vinyl storage pouches with 50 double- fraction cards.You get 20 vinyl storage pouches with 6 array cards and 6 array sided pieces each, plus a teachers guide; circles measure 4". 219.95 transparencies, plus a teachers guide with reproducibles. 219.95GG584nFractions & Decimals Extra Student Pack GG588 n Multiplying Fractions Extra Student PackYou get 50 double-sided pieces in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95 You get 6 fraction cards and 6 transparencies in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'