b'74 Readingphonological awareness & phonicsShown:CVC Words Shown:Vowel SoundsStudents touch the Textured dots helptextured dots as students sound outthey say each sound! the words!Grade Level K 1 2 Grade Level K 1 2GG365X\x1fTOUCH & READ PHONICS WORD MATCH - GG470X\x1fTOUCH & READ PHONICS SENTENCE MATCH - COMPLETE SETWith our engaging match-ups, children master CVCCOMPLETE SETFrom CVC words to blends & digraphs, students build phonics words, vowel sounds, and blends and digraphsone phoneme at a time!skills in a hands-on, tactile waywithin the context of simple sentences!The sen-Kids just select a word card and touch the textured dots as they say eachtence cards have a textured dot for each phoneme in the focus words, plus arrows to sound.Then they read the full wordand find its matching picture card!help kids blend the sounds together.Kids read a sentence, then find the correspond-You get all 3 sets, each with 60 textured word cards, 60 picture cards,ing picture card to make a match!3 sets, each with 48 textured sentence cards, 48 pic-6 storage pockets and 6 answer cards.Pockets are 2 12 " x 6 12". 164.95 ture cards, 6 storage pockets & 6 answer cards.Pockets are 3" x 10 14". 189.95Each set is also available separately.Each56.95 Each set is also available separately.Each64.95GG369\x1fCVC Words(Shown.) GG368\x1fVowel SoundsGG472\x1fVowel Sounds(Shown.) GG471\x1fCVC Words GG367\x1fBlends & Digraphs GG473\x1fBlends & DigraphsShown:Beginning SoundsGrade Level K 1 2LL800X\x1fPHONICS MAGNETIC SORTING TILES - COMPLETE SET Each set is also available separately.Our skill-building magnetic tiles are the perfect tool for introducing phonics conceptsand really makingLL803\x1fBeginning Sounds(Shown.) 71.95them stick!Just place header tiles on any magnetic surface and invite students to sort the picture- LL804\x1fVowel Sounds 71.95word tiles belowmatching up beginning sounds, vowel sounds and more!All 3 sets, each with 100 foamLL805\x1fBlends & Digraphs 71.95magnet tiles in a compartmentalized storage box.Tiles measure 2".Magnetic board sold sep. 204.95Lakeshore'