b'Math 35mastering basic skillsFamily Engagement Math PacksKeep students learning at home with games that target key math skillsand engage families in the learning process! Each pack includes easy-to-follow instructions in English and Spanishplus lots of engaging materials and write & wipe mats for 15 different hands-on math games.The packs cover grade-appropriate skills like number recognition, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, building equations, rounding decimals, using visual modelsand so much more.An in-depth activity book walks families through each gameand even includes a helpful letter that explains how family engagement can boost student achievement at school.Each pack comes in a heavy-duty plastic pouch that measures 13" x 16".Games and activities come in a sturdy plastic pouch! Grade Level 3LC616\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT MATH PACK - GR. 3Families put their heads together to participate in everything from fast-paced multiplication battles and a game of rounding rodeo to adding & subtracting numbers to join the 500 club!With 8 write & wipe game mats, fraction bars and more. Each54.95LC617\x1fFamily EngagementMath Pack - Gr. 3 - Set of 10 539.95Grade Level 4LC618\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT MATH PACK - GR. 4Fromworkingwithmoneyto creatingbalancedequations, grade-appropriatemathskills are a blast to practice at home withourengagingactivitieslike the Operation Game and Equivalent or Bust!Includes 10write&wipegamemats.Each54.95LC619\x1fFamily Engagement Math Pack - Gr. 4 - Set of 10 539.95Grade Level 5LC620\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT MATH PACK - GR. 5Familygamenightgets aneducationaltwistwith activities that help kids practice key math skillsfrom subtract-ing decimals to multiplying frac-tions!Includes 10 write & wipe gamemats,expressionand decimal game cards, and more.Each54.95LC621\x1fFamily Engagement Math Pack - Gr. 5 - Set of 10 539.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'