b'120 ScienceShown:Matter GameGrade Level 2 3 4EE810XnCAN DO! SCIENCE GAMES - COMPLETE SETStudents learn about the planets, matter, muscles and moreas they race to answer science questions!Each can has a spinner built into the lidand comes with everything kids need, including themed game tokens andGrade Level 3 4 5 6 60 self-checking question cards written in standardized test format.Kids just spin to pick a categoryanswer each questionthen collect tokens LA910nTAKE-APART HUMAN BODY MODELChildren get afor correct answers!Complete set includes all 6 games. 279.95detailed view of the bodys major organsand learn how they all fit togetherEach game is also available separately.Each47.95to help us function!Each organ comes out for up-close examination.EE803nSolar SystemEE806nForce & MotionStudents can even open the head to reveal the brainand open the heartEE801nHuman Body EE802nAnimalsto see all 4 chambers!You get 11 pieces total, including the torso and removable organs.Durable plastic torso is 19 14 " tall; with a guide.219.95 EE804nEarthEE805nMatter(Shown.)Grade Level 3 4 5 6 & UpDS328\x1fSCIENCE INSIDERS HARDCOVER LIBRARYFrom the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs to the vastness of outer spacethese highly detailed nonfiction reference booksdeliveravisuallystunning,multidimensional presentation that takes readers inside the action!Utilizing state-of-the-art CGI and breathtaking 3-D model imagery, eachfascinatingbookfeaturesthemostup-to-date information in the fieldgiving students a truly inside look into tons of intriguing topics.Set of 5 hardcover books; each is 64 pages. 199.95Minerals Fossils Metamorphic Sedimentary IgneousGrade Level 2 3 4 5 6FS650X\x1fCLASSROOM ROCK, FOSSIL & MINERAL COLLECTIONS - COMPLETE SET Each collection is also available separately. These collections let students explore the properties of rocks, fossils and minerals firsthand FS655\x1fMineral Collection 89.95from the glassy texture of obsidian to the distinct layers of mica!Each of the collectionsFS654\x1fFossil Collection89.95includes 15 easy-to-handle specimensall labeled for simple identification.The com- FS652\x1fMetamorphic Rock Collection 89.95plete set includes all 5 collections listed at right, each with a teachers guide and aFS653\x1fSedimentary Rock Collection 89.95compartmentalized box for display and storage.Largest specimens measure 2". 439.95 FS651\x1fIgneous Rock Collection 89.95Lakeshore'