b'60 Readingmastering basic skillsGrade Level K 1 2 3 4TT870X\x1f ACCELERATE LEARNING READING KITS - COMPLETE SETPacked with tons of engaging materials, our thoughtfully designed kits accelerate learning by focusing on the foundational skills needed for literacy!You get all 3 kits listed below, each with everything showngreat for small-group lessons, one-on-one instruction, targeted tutoring and more.Activity cards are 5 12 " x 8 12 ". 479.95Grade Level K 1 2TT816\x1fAccelerate Learning Beginning Phonics KitA fun-to-play game, picture cards,simplereaders, hands-onworkmatsand so much moreour kit has all you need to accelerate learningandhelpkids master letter sounds, CVC wordsandsight-words! Youevenget12activity cardsfeaturinghelpful informationforusingthe materials to focus on prior-ity skills and address unfin-ished learning. 159.95Grade Level 1 2 3TT869\x1fAccelerate Learning Phonics & Decoding KitBoost kids understanding & reinforceimportantphonics and decoding concepts with our all-in-one language kitfeaturingeverythingfroma funbookwithchant-along phonics rhymes and a game focusedontwo-syllable words to chunky prefix & suf-fix dice and a word building flipboard!Plus, the 12 activity cards include ideas for using thematerials,extension activitiesandmoreall designedtoaddressunfin-ishedlearningandempha-size priority skills. 169.95Grade Level 2 3 4TT868\x1fAccelerate Learning Fluency & Comprehension KitOur skill-building kit is filled witheverythingneededto boost students fluency and comprehensionfrom high-interest reading cards and a reproduciblevocabulary notebooktoahear-myself phone,match&sort games,atimerandmore! Plus,weveincluded 12 cards with step-by-step activitiesthatreallybring language concepts to lifeandreinforceessential priority skills.159.95Lakeshore'