b'84 Readingreading comprehensionShown:Informational Text GameGrade Level 1 2 3GG615XnREADING COMPREHENSION GAMES LIBRARY - GR. 1-3 Our action-packed games help students develop comprehension skills! Students hunt for treasure as they read for key details, race to finish their paper routes as they explore informational texts, and more!You get all 6 games listed below, each with an 18" x 18" game board.For 2-4 players. 349.95Each game is also available separately.GG624nExtra! Extra!:Informational Text Game(Shown.) 59.95GG622nSkatepark Rally:Predicting Outcomes Game 59.95GG623nPirate Island:Reading for Details Game 59.95GG621nStar Power Premiere:Following Directions Game 59.95GG625nKooky Carnival:Context Clues Game 59.95GG626nAdventure Camp:Sequencing Game 59.95Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE CARDS PP469nGrades 1-2 119.95Build reading comprehension skills at just the right levelwith high-interest texts from a widePP467nGrades 2-3 119.95variety of genres!Each write & wipe and reproducible card features a level-appropriate readingPP468nGrades 4-5 119.95passage with follow-up questions.Students simply read through the passage, then use evidenceDD105nWrite & Wipe Markers from the text to support their answers!Each set includes 90 practice cards at 3 different levels,Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45so kids remain challenged as they develop skills.Includes answer cards.Cards are 8 12 " x 11".Lakeshore'