b'Social Studies 127Grade Level K 1 2LA580\x1fCELEBRATE DIVERSITY ACTIVITY BOXChildren gain a better understanding of themselvesand each otherwith a resource box that promotes inclusivity and awareness!From hardcover picture books, multicultural arts & crafts supplies and age-appropriate discussion starters to a mailbox students use to send encouraging messages to one another, our box is packed with materials for 8 different, hands-on activities that celebrate diversity.You get everything shown.Clipboards measure 10" x 13 12 ". 399.95Shown:Gr. 3-5Students learn to understand themselves, empathize with others and much more!Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5BK855X\x1fDIVERSITY & INCLUSION HARDCOVER LIBRARYCharacters real and imagined teach children the importance of being their best, authentic selvesand that using their voice can create a better world!Featuring both fiction and nonfiction titles, our library is filled withGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5inspiring tales of diversity and inclusion that kids from all backgrounds canDIVERSITY & INCLUSION PROMPT CARDSrelate to.Library includes all 6 hardcover books. 214.95 Inspiredailywritingandgroupconversationsaboutfairness,knowing BK837\x1fShe Persisted39.95 yourself, doing the right thing and more with our easy-to-use prompt cards! BK283\x1fI Am One:A Book of Action32.95 Simply select a prompt from the box for the class to write about or discussBK838\x1fIm Like You, Youre Like Me32.95 or let students choose and respond on their own.Each set below includes BK841\x1fAll Because You Matter39.95 100 prompt cards covering 4 categories and a 7 12 "w x 7 12 "d x 6 12 "h BK839\x1fSomeone New36.95 storage box.BK856\x1fMalalas Magic Pencil39.95 EE127\x1fK-Gr. 269.95 EE128\x1fGr. 3-5(Shown.)69.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'