b'6 Flex-Space Furnitureflexible seatingLK119\x1fCOMFY NESTING BENCHESUseourversatilebenchesastablesandchairsinendless configurationsthen nest them together for storage to save valuable classroomspace!Thecozy,foam-coveredbenchesinclude high-density padding on top for superior comfort.Plus, there are heavy-dutysteelsupportsontheinsideforlong-lasting durability and a tough vinyl exterior thats a breeze to wipe clean.The benches even feature leveling feet that adjust for stability on any surface.Set includes 4 benches in 4 sizes; largest bench is 72"w x 14"d x 18"h. 2999.95Benches nest for convenient storage!LC272\x1fCOMFY CURVED SEATOurmodular,curvedottoman givesyoutheversatilityand functionalityyouneedinthe 21st-century classroom!Use it anywhereyouwantextra seating, or put several together to form a discussion circle or aMake a full circlewindingrow.Featuringafullwith 6 seats!woodenframeandmadeof high-densityfoam,thiscomfy seatfitsupto2kidsandis super-simpletomovearound. Plus,itscoveredindurable wipe-cleanvinyl,soitwill withstandyearsofregular classroom use!Seat measures 42 14 "w x 22"d x 14"h.Please specify colour:blue, orange or green. Each689.95LK103LK102Desks rotate for easy access andmaximum comfort!Each power module has 2 AC outlets and 2 USB-A ports!LK102\x1fCOMFY CHAIR WITH DESK & POWERSuper-comfy seating and a student workLK103\x1fCOMFY COUCH WITH DESKS & POWERspaceall in one!Our inviting chair features a heavy-duty laminate desk attached to the right-sideJust like our LK102 chair at left, but sized for two armrest that rotates in and out 360 degreesso kids can read, write, study and more.Plus, theresstudentswith2built-indesks(oneoneacharm-a built-in power module with 2 AC outlets & 2 USB-A charging ports for electronic devicesjust plugrest)and2correspondingpowermodules.Couch the main power cord into any wall outlet.29 14 "w x 25 12 "d x 31 34 "h chair has a durable wooden framemeasures 50 14 "w x 25 12 "d x 31 34 "h and has a 16"-high padded with high-density foam & covered in wipe-clean vinyl; seat is 16" high.Assembled. 2199.95 seat.Comes assembled.3999.95Lakeshore'