b'124 Science Hands-on activity tubs & themed libraries Shown:Plants Activity TubGrade Level 1 2 3FF980XnLEARNING SCIENCE ACTIVITY TUBS - GR. 1-3From exciting experiments to high-interest writing projects, our tubs have everything you need to investigate 8 important science concepts!Each tub includes 40 cards with engaging, standards-based activities covering 5 core curriculum areasfrom math and language to science and social studies.Plus, you get tons of ready-to-use materials for exploring concepts in depth, including science tools, write & wipe experiment posters, vocabulary cards and more!Set of all 8 tubs. 1179.95GG860XnLEARNING SCIENCESubject Activity Tub Book LibraryLIBRARIES - GR. 1-3 Rocks & Soil FF982149.95 GG86267.95Perfectly coordinated to our tubs above, these libraries help studentsAnimals FF987149.95 GG86669.95investigate topics even furtherasForce & Motion FF984149.95 GG86464.95they tour the solar system, exploreMatter FF988149.95 GG86779.95the animal kingdom and more!EachInsectsFF985149.95 GG86374.95library features 5 paperback books that make concepts easy to grasp Weather FF983149.95 GG86969.95including both fiction and nonfictionSolar System FF989149.95 GG86876.95titles.You get all 8 libraries. 579.95 PlantsFF986149.95 GG86579.95Rocks & Soil Library Animals Library Force & Motion Library Matter LibraryInsects Library Weather Library Solar System Library Plants LibraryLakeshore'