b'94 Literature & Informational Textsbig booksGrade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3RA730X\x1fBIG BOOK FAVOURITES - SET 1 RE335X\x1fBIG BOOK FAVOURITES - SET 2 BK515X \x1f BIG BOOK FAVOURITES - SET 3These kid-favourite books are large enough toExpand your library even furtherwith 6 moreThe third set of big books features 6 more of chil-be shared, yet simple enough for beginners tobeautifully illustrated big books that invite the entiredrens favourite titleswith charming stories and enjoy on their own.Set of all 6 books shown;class to participate!You get all 6 books shown;captivating illustrations the whole class is sure to each measures 14 12 "-18" tall. 249.95 books measure 13"-19" tall.249.95 enjoy!Set of all 6 books; 17"-19" tall. 214.95BK2231 \x1fMy Five Senses 29.95 BK334\x1fIn the Small, Small Pond 38.95 BK338 \x1f The Little Red Hen29.95BK871 \x1f If the DinosaursBK668\x1f If You Give aBK371 \x1f Brown Bear, Brown Bear,Came Back 44.95 Moose a Muffin 46.95 What Do You See?36.95BK994 \x1fIn the Tall, Tall Grass 46.95 BK337\x1fChrysanthemum 46.95 BK723 \x1f Caps for Sale29.95 BK6528 \x1fThe Napping House 44.95 BK646\x1fThe Three Billy Goats Gruff 42.95 BK1812 \x1fIt Looked Like Spilt Milk 30.95BK1968 \x1fThe Rainbow Fish 46.95 BK336\x1f Panda Bear, Panda Bear, BK831 \x1f The Doorbell Rang 46.95BK273 \x1fSilly Sally 46.95 What Do You See? 38.95 BK417 \x1f Wheres My Teddy?47.95BK331\x1fThe Gingerbread Boy 42.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3BK470X\x1fBIG BOOK FAVOURITES - SET 4 RE805X\x1fSCIENCE BIG BOOKBK285X\x1fCELEBRATE DIVERSITY Enjoy6morekid-pleasingtitlesthatareFAVOURITESDiscover the wonders ofBIG BOOK FAVOURITESperfect for reading aloudand boost languagesciencewith irresistible big books that provideThis engaging collection of big books celebrates and literacy skills with every flip of the page!a fascinating introduction to life cycles, animalour diverse world!Featuring delightful tales, relat-Set includes all 6 classic titles shown; eachsounds, natural resources and more!Set of allable themes and charming illustrations, the super-measures 14 38 "-18" tall. 229.95 5 books; each measures 14"-22" tall. 229.95 size books are perfect for storytime with the whole RA384 \x1fOwl Babies 47.95 BB109 \x1fStellaluna 46.95 class or for children to read on their own.You get BK501 \x1fMouse Paint 46.95 BK568 \x1f From Caterpillarall 5 books shown; each is 16"-18" tall. 219.95BK471 \x1fThe Three Bears 35.95 to Butterfly 46.95 BK287\x1fHandas Surprise 47.95BK660 \x1fBig Red Barn 29.95 BK460 \x1fPolar Bear, Polar Bear, BK289\x1f Crazy Hair Day 47.95BK472 \x1f If You Give aWhat Do You Hear? 44.95 BK199\x1fHands Can 46.95Mouse a Cookie 29.95 BB816 \x1fThe Great Kapok Tree 46.95 BK428\x1fWhat I Like About Me! 39.95BB198 \x1fThe Cow That Went Oink 46.95 BK512 \x1fPlanting a Rainbow 46.95 BK741\x1fFlower Garden35.95Lakeshore'