b"144 Index Giant Magnetic 56 Graphing & Data. Homophones88, 99Teaching Manipulatives .30, 32-33, 38, 52 Hooks, Magnetic132Giant Magnetic Graphing Boards, Horseshoe Magnets.122Visual Models Chart29 Write & Wipe.52 Human BodyGames, Measurement Giant Sand Timers50 Graphing Chart Pad.52 Activity Tub & Book Library12531-33, 35-36, 39-40 Giant Sentence Building Cubes. Graphing Paper52 Human Body Life Science Kit.119Games, Money.51 100 GREENGUARDCertified Human Body Model,Games, Multiplication. Giant Uppercase .8-25, 136 Take-Apart12029, 31, 33, 35-36, 38-40, 44-45 Magnetic Letters.104 Grips, Pencil.106Games, Operations Global Challenges Group Table, Mobile.10 I29, 31-36, 39-40, 44-45 Project-Based STEM Kits.117 Growing Bacteria Classroom Kit I Am One: A Book of ActionGames, Phonics. Globes129 122 Hardcover Book12761-62, 65-66, 72-73, 75 Goggles, Safety123 Growth Mindset87, 102 I Can Read! Books.93Games, Place Value. Grab & Match Growth Mindset I Know the Answer!.29, 31-36, 39-40 Leveled Math Quickies.31 Daily Practice Journals.102 Game Buzzers140Games, Problem Solving36, 40 Grab & Play Adding & Subtracting Guided Reading Idioms.61, 67, 69, 88Games, Reading.61-63, 65-67, Fractions Game29 Leveled Books93 Igneous Rock Collection12072-73, 75, 77, 79, 84-85, 88 Grab & Play Addition Game.29 Imani's MoonGames, Reading Comprehension. Grab & Play Capitalization & H Multicultural Read-Along97.62-63, 65-67, 84-85 Punctuation Game61 Habitats Life Science Kit118 Inferences, Making.Games, Science.120 Grab & Play Hands Can Big Book94 .61, 67, 69, 80, 82-83, 85-87Games, Sight-Word62, 77, 79 Comparing Fractions Game.29 Hands-On Math Teaching Kits. Informational Text.61-65, 67-69,Games, Social-Emotional.128 Grab & Play .54-55 79, 82-87, 92-93, 97, 102, 112,Games, Splash! Reading63 Context Clues Game61 Hands-On Math Tiles.53 117, 124-125Games, Tower of Sight-Words.77 Grab & Play Division Game29 Hands-On Informational Text Grab & PlayGames, Vocabulary Grab & Play Multiplication & Division Kit46 Reading Game61.62-63, 65-67, 79, 85 Figurative Language Game61 Hands-On Regrouping Kits43 Informational TextGas, Liquid & Solid120, 124-125 Grab & Play Geometric Hands-On Teaching Globe.129 Read-Alongs97Gathering Zone, Flex-Space23 Measurement Game.29 Harbor Me Initial Sounds.62, 67, 70-71, 73-76Gears & Spools Pack, Grab & Play Grammar Game61 Multicultural Read-Along97 Ink Pads72Maker Space110 Grab & Play Hardcover Book, Insects.123-124Gear Clocks50 Informational Text Game61 All Because You Matter127 Insects Activity Tub &Geoboards, Best-Buy.48 Grab & Play Hardcover Book, Book Library.124Geography129 Making Inferences Game61 I Am One: A Book of Action127 Insects Specimen Set 123Geological Samples Collections. Grab & Play Math Game.29 Hardcover Book, Instant Learning Centres,120 Grab & Play Malala's Magic Pencil.127 Math38Geometric Shapes Multiplication Game29 Hardcover Book, Instant Learning Centres,.29, 31, 48-49, 56, 58 Grab & Play She Persisted.127 Phonemic Awareness.70Geometric Shapes, Foam.58 Parts of Speech Game.61 Hardcover Book, Instant Learning Centres,Geometric Shapes, Folding48 Grab & Play Phonics Game61 Someone New127 Phonics.71Geometric Shapes, Grab & Play Hardcover Books120, 127 Instant Learning Centres,Giant Magnetic.56 Place Value Game29 Hardcover Library, Social Studies.129Geometric Shapes, Plastic. Grab & Play Reading Game, Diversity & Inclusion.127 Instant STEM Activities112.48-49, 58 Context Clues.61 Hardcover Library, Intervention Reading Folders,Geometric Shapes Tub, 3-D.48 Grab & Play Science Insiders.120 High-Interest86-87Geometry29-33, Reading Literature Game61 Hardware Pack, Island of the Blue Dolphins36, 38-40, 48-49, 52, 55-58 Grab & Play Shapes Game.29 Maker Space110 Multicultural Read-Along97Geometry Games. Grab & Play Social-Emotional Headphones.95.31-33, 36, 40 Building Empathy Game.128 Hear Myself Sound Phone70, 80 JGeometry Kits, Build & Learn.49 Grab & Play Social-Emotional Heavy-Duty Book Bins134-135 Jamaica's FindGiant Activity Dice56 Feelings & Emotions Game128 Heavy-Duty Multicultural Read-Along97Giant Classroom Timer.50, 140 Grab & Play Social-Emotional Electric Pencil Sharpener.140 Journal ActivitiesGiant Comfy Pillows.4 Kindness & Respect Game.128 Heavy-Duty Hand Magnifiers.123 .30, 62, 72, 78, 83, 102-103, 107Giant Geometric Shapes48 Grab & Play Heavy-Duty Paper Trays Journal, Diversity & InclusionGiant Lowercase Subtraction Game29 .134-135, 137 Daily Practice103Magnetic Letters.104 Grab & Play Heavy-Duty Pocket Charts.108 Journal, Paragraph of the Week.Giant Magnetic Dominoes56 Text Structure Game61 Heavy-Duty Storage Boxes 103Giant Magnetic Grab & Play Time Game.29 .134-135 Journal, Phonics Daily Activity.72Draw & Write Page.99 Grab & Play Vocabulary Game.61 Height-Adjustable Stools. Journal, Phonics Interactive.102Giant Magnetic Grab & Write 11, 18, 25 Journal,Geometric Shapes56 Social-Emotional Prompts101 Help-Yourself Book Bins.107 Sight-Word Daily Activity78Giant Magnetic Graduated Cylinders123 Help-Yourself Supply Centre130 Journal, Vocabulary102Graph & Array Chart.33 Gram Weight Set123 High-Frequency Words Journals,Giant Magnetic Grammar & Usage .see Sight-Words Correct the Sentence! Daily103Letters & Numbers104 61-63, 65-67, 99-101, 103 High-Interest Intervention Journals,Giant Magnetic Lined Page104 Grammar & Vocabulary Bingo99 Reading Folders86-87 Daily Language Practice.62Giant Magnetic Grammar Games.61, 65-67 High-Interest Intervention Journals, Draw & Write.102Number of the Day Chart37 Grammar Tales Book Set.101 Reading Folders, Main Idea86 Journals, Math30Giant Magnetic Grandfather's Journey High-Interest Intervention Reading Journals, Reading ComprehensionRegrouping Chart.43 Multicultural Read-Along97 Folders, Sequencing.86 Daily Practice83Giant Magnetic Rekenrek.42 Graphic Organizer Highlighter Tape Centres106 Journals, Word.102Write & Wipe Boards101 Hold-It-All Teacher Tote.133Lakeshore"