b"English Language Development 89 Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile .8, 22 Index 143Skill-Building Centres. Kit - Text Features82 Triangular Student DeskEnglish Language Learner Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-SpaceGames Library88 Kit - Text Structure.83 Modern Grey Furniture16-20Equation Tiles.59 Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space 9-Cubby Fold & LearnEquivalency Puzzles.37 Kit - Theme & Main Idea.83 Mobile Storage Unit15 Geometric Shapes48Erasers, Write & Wipe Lapboard First Composition Book107 Flex-Space Premium Folder Bins, Magnetic132104 First Picture-Story Wobble Chairs5, 23 Folder Game Libraries, MathErgo Bounce Cantilever Chairs, Composition Book107 Flex-Space Rectangular .32-33, 45Flex-Space.5, 22 5-Minute Sand Timer50 Floor Tables11, 20 Folder Game Libraries,Ergo Chair Small-Group Zone22 5-Minute Flex-Space Math Facts45Ergo Glide Mobile Chairs.5 Vocabulary Practice Cards.61 Rectangular Tables9, 11, 19-21 Folder Game Libraries,ESL Materials.88-89, 96, 102, 131 Flash Cards, Action Words.61 Flex-Space Reading & Writing Skills66-67Esperanza Rising Flash Cards, All Facts Math.46 Round Floor Tables11, 20, 24 Folder Game Library,Multicultural Read-Along97 Flash Cards, Consonants, Flex-Space 6-Cubby Addition Facts 45Experiments, Science121-125 Blends & Digraphs61 Mobile Storage Unit15, 17 Folder Game Library,Extra-Wide Adjustable Flash Cards, Math33, 46 Flex-Space Stools.10-11, 18, 25 Division Facts.45Pocket Chart Stand108 Flash Cards, Picture-Words.61 Flex-Space Folder Game Library,Eyewitness Nonfiction Readers.93 Flash Cards, Sight-Words61, 78 Storage Units.13-17, 20, 22, 25 Multiplication Facts45Flash Cards, Flex-Space 3-Shelf All-Purpose Folder Game Library,F Vowels & Vowel Teams 61 Storage Units14, 16 Subtraction Facts.45Fact & Opinion64, 86 Flash Cards, Word Families.61 Flex-Space 3-Shelf Binder Folding Shapes 48Factor Triangles59 Flex-Space All-Purpose Storage Centres13 Folk Tales Problem SolvingFamily Engagement Math Packs Storage Units14, 16 Flex-Space Trapezoid Tables. STEM Kits.112.34-35 Flex-Space Beanbag Seats3 19, 21 Force & Motion.Family Engagement Flex-Space Benches6 Flex-Space 12-Cubby .112, 118, 120-121, 124-125Reading Packs.68-69 Flex-Space Mobile Storage Unit15 Force & Motion Activity Lab.121Family Involvement. Binder Storage Centres13 Flex-Space 2-Shelf All-Purpose Force & Motion Activity.34-35, 68-69, 133 Flex-Space Chairs.4-7, 22-25 Storage Units14, 16 Tub & Book Library124-125Fasteners Pack, Maker Space. Flex-Space Flex-Space 2-Shelf Binder Force & Motion110 Classroom Carpets22-27 Storage Centres13 Physical Science Kit.118Favourite Picture Book Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seat Flex-Space Wobble Cushions3 Fossils, Rocks & MineralsRead-Alongs.96 3, 24 Flex-Space Write & Wipe Collections120Feelings & Emotions Game, Grab & Flex-Space Comfy Pillows. Mobile Rectangular Table.21 4-Shelf All-PurposePlay Social-Emotional.128 .4-5, 22 Flex-Space Write & Wipe Storage Units14, 16Fiction Books .37, 76, 78, 90-94, Flex-Space Comfy Stools Mobile Student Desk21, 24 Fraction Bars.53-54, 5696-97, 101, 127-128 .3, 24-25 Flex-Space Write & Wipe Fraction Circles.53, 55-59Fiction Sight-Word Readers.78 Flex-Space Ergo Bounce Mobile Trapezoid Tables21 Fraction Fun Flash Cards.33Figurative Language.61, 63, 67 Cantilever Chairs5, 22 Flex-Space Write & Wipe Fraction Multipliers.59Figurative Language Flex-Space Mobile Wedge Student Desk21 Fraction Number LinesGrab & Play Reading Game61 Ergo Glide Mobile Chairs5 Flip & Read Write & Wipe Boards53File and Store Mobile Cart137 Flex-Space Floor Seating.3, 6 Sight-Word Sentences.79 Fractions29-31, 33,35-40, 53-59File Folder Games, Flex-Space 4-Shelf Flip Book, Build-A-Story98 Fractions & Decimals Bingo.40Learn to Code.113 All-Purpose Storage Unit14, 16 Flip Book, Creative Thinking101 Fractions Bingo40File Folder Pocket Chart.109 Flex-Space Furniture.3-27 Flip Book, Silly Starters101 Fractions, Decimals & PercentsFile Holder Teacher's Tote.130 Flex-Space Gathering Zone.23 Flip Book, Story Starters101 Circles.59Fill-In-The-Blank Flex-Space Flip Book, Writing Starters.101 FractionsPhonics Stamps.72 Giant Comfy Pillows.4 Flip Books, Hands-On Teaching Kit54Final E Flex-Space Height-Adjustable Comparing Fractions53 Furniture, Classroom.3-27Instant Learning Centre71 Stools11, 18, 25 Flip Books, Let's Get Writing!.101 Furniture, Flex-Space3-27Final Sounds. Flex-Space Locking Flip Books, Phonics73, 76.62, 67-68, 70-71, 73, 75 Storage Cabinets12, 17 Flip Books, Sight-Words79 GFinding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Flip Books, Game Buzzers,Kit - Analyzing Characters83 Mobile Clover Table9 Stack & Build Phonics73 I Know the Answer!.140Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Flip Books, Word Family75 Games, Bingo.40, 79, 86, 99Kit - Analyzing Key Ideas83 Mobile Group Table10 Floor Pillows4-5 Games, Comprehension Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Floor Seating, Flex-Space .62-63, 84-85Kit - Author's Purpose82 Rectangular Tables.9, 21 3, 6, 24 Games, Division 44-45Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Floor Tables11, 20, 24 Games, ELL88Kit - Character Traits82 Round Tables.9 Flower Garden Big Book94 Games, Ending Sounds73Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Fluency. Games, GeometryKit - Compare & Contrast82-83 Standing Desks11, 18, 25 .67, 70, 77-81, 86, 93, 96-97 .31-33, 36, 40Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Fluency & Comprehension Games, Grab & Play Math29Kit - Key Details82 Standing Desks for Two.18, 25 Partner Scripts80 Games, Grab & Play Reading.61Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Fluency Card Banks, Building Games, Grab & PlayKit - Main Idea.82-83 Storage Tray Centre.13, 17, 25 .80-81 Social-Emotional128Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Fluency Readers.81 Games, Grammar61, 65-67Kit - Making Inferences82-83 Student Work Organizer15-16 Foam Dice56, 58, 64 Games, Language62-63, 65-67,Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Foam Shapes.58, 110 72-73, 75, 77, 79, 84-85, 88Kit - Point of View82-83 Teacher Desks12, 19 Foam Shapes Pack, Games Library, Math36Finding Evidence Comprehension Flex-Space Mobile Maker Space110 Games, MathKit - Summarizing.83 Trapezoid Tables9, 19, 21 29, 31-36, 39-40, 44-45, 51Lakeshore"