b'32 Mathmastering basic skillsGrade Level K 1Simple, illustrated instructions on every game folder! PP710XnMATH FOLDER GAME LIBRARIES - K-GR. 1 - COMPLETE SETBoosting math skills is a blastwith fun folder games children play on their own!Each ready-to-usegametargetskeymathstandardsand comes with everything students need for indepen-dentpractice.Childrensimplygrabacolour-coded folder and corresponding pouch of tilesfollow the simple 3-step instructions to complete the activitythen check their own answers for instant reinforcement!The complete set includes all 4 libraries listed below, each with 10 games in a storage boxfor a total of 40 games.Each folder measures 9 14 " x 11 58 ".334.95 Each library is also available separately.PP712nOperations LibraryCovers every-thing from addition and subtraction to decompos-ing numbers and making 10!(Shown.) 84.95 PP713nMeasurement & Data LibraryKids measure trees with nonstandard units, graph favourite pets, compare sizes and more. 84.95 PP711nCounting & Place Value Library Children sequence numbered race cars, compare numbers on treasure chests and more! 84.95 PP714nGeometry LibraryStudents build early geometry skills as they identify and partition shapes, define attributes and more! 84.95 Shown:OperationsGrade Level 2 3 Each game has simple, illustrated instructions!PP940XnMATH FOLDER GAME LIBRARIES - GR. 2-3 - COMPLETE SETChildrenboosttheirmathskillsindependentlywith fun folder games theyll love to play!Students just grab a colour-coded folder filled with precut and sorted game pieces, then follow the step-by-step instructions to build skills at their own pace! Each library features 10 different games that target key math standardsso children get the practice they need with place value, operations, time, mea-surement and more.Each folder comes with an answer card for easy self-checking, plus a bonus activity to reinforce skills even further.You get all 3 libraries listed below, for a total of 30 games. Folders measure 9 14 " x 11 58 ". 249.95Each library is also available separately.PP942nPlace Value LibraryStudents explore place value to thousands at the circus, in a haunted house, under the pyramids and more!(Shown.) 84.95PP941nOperations & Algebraic ThinkingLibraryKids master operations at the zoo, explore algebraic thinking at a racetrack and more! 84.95PP944nTime & Measurement LibraryChildren build time and measurement skillsas they explore space, visit a dog show and more! 84.95Shown:PP942Place ValueLakeshore'