b'96 Literature & Informational Textssmall-group read-alongsPICTURE BOOK READ-ALONGSThese charming picture books help beginning readers develop fluencywith enchanting stories, enticing images and lively narrations that really get students involved!Each kit includes 4 copies of an English or a Spanish book, plus a CD that narrates the story. That very night in Maxs room aMeasure myforest grew. song, said thenightingale.Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3 Caps!Caps for sale!Fifty RE742Xn FAVOURITE PICTURE BOOKRE743Xn FAVOURITE PICTURE BOOK cents a cap!READ-ALONGS - SET 1 READ-ALONGS - SET 2 Grade Level K 1 2 3Selected especially for beginning readers, theseFive more beloved titleschosen especially forRE744X n FAVOURITE PICTURE BOOK delightful kits each feature 4 copies of an enticingemerging readers!Each kit has 4 copies of theREAD-ALONGS - SET 3These classic titles picture book, plus a read-along CD.You get allbook, plus a CD that narrates the story.Completefeature lots of enticing pictures and entertaining 5 kits listed below. 439.95 set includes all 5 kits listed below. 439.95 plots that are perfect for beginning readers!Each RE543nIt Looked Like Spilt Milk89.95 RE962n The Doorbell Rang 89.95 kit comes with 4 copies of the book, plus a read-RE676nI Went Walking 89.95 RE746n When Sophie Gets Angryalong CD.Set of all 5 kits listed below. 459.95RE192n Cloudy with aReally, Really Angry94.95 RE191 n Sheila Rae, the Brave 89.95Chance of Meatballs 89.95 RE258n Red Riding Hood 89.95 RE542nGoodnight Moon 99.95RE841n Harold and the RE794n The Dinosaur Who LivedRE677 n The Snowy Day 94.95Purple Crayon 89.95 in My Backyard 82.95 RE936 n Miss Nelson Is Missing! 84.95RE747nWhere the Wild Things Are 94.95 RE763nInch by Inch89.95 RE733 n Caps for Sale 99.95Sheep dont think to look upAnd they front. His name wascouldnt catch Tacky.Tacky washim.an odd bird.Grade Level 1 2 3 Grade Level 1 2 3 Grade Level 1 2 3RE723X\x1fCLASSROOM CLASSICSRE749X\x1fCLASSROOM CLASSICSRE777X\x1fFAIRY TALES READ-ALONGSREAD-ALONGS - SET 1 READ-ALONGS - SET 2 Build literacy skillswith familiar fairy tales children Five beloved titles to add to your read-alongOur second set of classic read-alongs includes thecant resist!Each read-along kit includes 4 copies library!Our set includes all 5 kits shown, each5 kits shown, each with 4 copies of a paperbackof a paperback book filled with rhythmic, repetitive with 4 copies of a paperback book, plus abook, plus a read-along CD.Students just followlanguageplus an engaging CD that helps build read-along CD that narrates the text word foralong as the CD reads the story. 479.95 fluency as students follow along page by page. word. 469.95 RE821\x1f Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 99.95 Set includes all 5 kits listed below. 469.95RE747\x1fWhere the Wild Things Are 99.95 RE793\x1fPlanting a Rainbow 94.95 RE774\x1fThe Three Little Pigs 94.95RE542\x1fGoodnight Moon 99.95 RE746\x1f When Sophie Gets Angry RE254\x1fThe Three Bears 94.95RE677\x1fThe Snowy Day 94.95 Really, Really Angry 94.95 RE252\x1fThe Little Red Hen 94.95RE963\x1fCorduroy 94.95 RE733\x1fCaps for Sale 99.95 RE544\x1f The Three Billy Goats Gruff 94.95RE281\x1fSheep in a Jeep 87.95 RE758\x1fTacky the Penguin 94.95 RE251\x1fThe Gingerbread Boy 94.95Lakeshore'