b'112 STEMJohn Henry Johnny AppleseedPaul BunyanGrade Level 2 3Each kit is also available separately.PP380X\x1fFOLK TALES PROBLEM SOLVING STEM KITSKids live the legends PP129 \x1fJohn Henry Kit102 conveyor-belt builders, helping John Henry race a steam-powered drill, giving Johnny Appleseed a hand fencing in10 rocks, a crate, a 16 12 " mountain facade & a ruler. 119.95 his orchard, and building a wagon strong enough to carry Paul Bunyans giant knapsack! Our kits help kids discover the STEM in their favourite folk talesinspiring them to usePP128 \x1fJohnny Appleseed Kit30 apple trees, 20 logs, hands-on materials to design, build and test one-of-a-kind creationsthen improve upontwo 16", double-sided landscape mats & a ruler. 119.95 them like real engineers!All 3 kits, each with a STEM-focused story card, student challengePP127 \x1fPaul Bunyan Kit52 wagon builders, a 4 12 " cards and detailed lesson plansplus the building materials listed at right. 349.95 weighted knapsack, rubber bands & a tape measure. 119.95Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6INSTANT STEM ACTIVITIESIncorporating STEM into the classroom isabreezewithcomprehensive activity sets focused on life, earth and physical science!From animal adap-tationsandnaturaldisastersto renewable energy and properties of matter,eachready-to-useset includes 15 information-packed fold-ersjust assign a specific folder to a small group of students and let the investigation begin!Each folder fea-tures a read-aloud nonfiction article about the topic5 double-sided task cards with step-by-step instructions for 2 experiments2 corresponding reproducible worksheets for recording data and discoveriesplus teaching noteswithbackgroundinformation and more.You even get bonus online resources!Folders are 8 12 "x 11" and come in a display box.TS697\x1fGr. 1-3(Shown.) 109.95TS698\x1fGr. 4-6 109.95Lakeshore'