b'128 Social StudiesGrade Level 2 3 4 5 Shown:Building EmpathyEE765X\x1fGRAB & PLAY SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL GAMES - COMPLETE SETOur fun-to-play games help students learn from one another as they discuss empathy, kindness and respect, and feelings and emotions!Playersmovealongeachthemed, 12" x 12" game board, drawing cards that invite them to share, explain and show how theyd handle everyday situationscollecting chips as they go. The first player to collect 20 chips wins!You get all 3 games; each sets up in a snap and includes everything needed for 2-4 players. 119.95Each game is also available separately.EE767\x1fFeelings & Emotions42.95EE769\x1fKindness & Respect 42.95 EE768\x1fBuilding Empathy(Shown.) 42.95 Grade Level 2 3 4 5 Grade Level 2 3 Grade Level 4 5DS393\x1fMINDFULNESS & MEGR502\x1fSOCIAL-EMOTIONALGR503\x1fSOCIAL-EMOTIONAL BOOK SERIESGive kids an age-appropriatePAPERBACK LIBRARY - GR. 2-3 PAPERBACK LIBRARY - GR. 4-5introduction to mindfulness and how it positivelyWhat better way to incorporate social-emotionalThe higher-level books in our library feature advanced impacts daily lifefrom school to bedtime!Set oflearning into the classroom than with favouritethemes that invite students to think about their own 6 paperback books; each is 24 pages and hasstorybooks children will love reading again andemotions and relationships with the people around activities for students, teaching tips & more. 89.95 again!Set of 10 paperback books.169.95 them.Set of 10 paperback books. 179.95Shown:Making Good ChoicesGrade Level K 1 2EE100X\x1fSOCIAL-EMOTIONAL MATCH-UPS - COMPLETE SETFrom fostering healthy relationships to making responsible decisionsour hands-on match-ups feature illustrated scenes kids can really relate to!Each self-correcting puzzle is made up of 2 captioned picturesone depicting an everyday Grade Level K 1 2 scenario children may encounter and the other showing a positive outcome.As kids match up each pair, DS737\x1fDEALING WITH FEELINGS they learn the best way to handle even the trickiest situation!All 3 sets; each match-up is 3 14 " x 8". 74.95 BOOK SERIESHelp young readers identifyEach set is also available separately.and work through their emotions with this paper- EE104\x1fUnderstanding Myself Match-UpsSet of 20 two-piece puzzles. 26.95 backcollectionfeaturing8differentcommonEE105\x1fBuilding Relationships Match-UpsSet of 20 two-piece puzzles. 26.95feelings! Set of 8 books; each is 24 pages. 119.95 EE106\x1fMaking Good Choices Match-UpsSet of 20 two-piece puzzles.(Shown.) 26.95Lakeshore'