b'126 Social StudiesGrade Level K 1 2LA630\x1fTEACHING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION RESOURCE BOXFilled with a wide assortment of thoughtfully selected hands-on materials, our resource box provides tons of engaging, kid-friendly ways to explore diversity, acceptance and more!From paperback books and posters featuring people of all backgrounds to machine-washable dolls in traditional dress and realistic play figures with differing abilities, every item is designed to celebrate what makes us uniqueour wonderful differences!Resource box includes everything shown.Posters measure 11" x 16". 789.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level 3 4 5RR850X\x1fMULTICULTURAL STORIES PAPERBACK LIBRARY DS324\x1fMULTICULTURAL BIOGRAPHIESStudents gain pride in themselves and increase understanding of others Inspireindependentreaderswithfascinatingbiographiesaboutinfluential with this spectacular story collection!Weve included books aboutfigures from around the globe!Featuring people who have made a huge children from faraway places and children from here at home, traditionalimpactontheworldandillustrationsthatbringtheirstoriestolife,this stories and legends, and contemporary tales about life today.Librarymulticultural collection celebrates progress, perseverance and diversityeven includes 12 paperback books. 239.95 in the face of adversity.You get 12 paperback books. 159.95Lakeshore'