b'Math 51measurement & dataGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 Grade Level K 1 2 3PP723nREAL-WORKING CASH REGISTER KT2364\x1f MONEY SELF-CHECKING MATH MATCH-UPSReinforce real-world math skillswith a cash register that really works!The built-inOur self-correcting puzzles give students hands-on practice with calculator and digital display let students add, subtract, multiply and divide as theymoney concepts!Set includes 30colour-coded puzzleschil-ring up purchases!The cash drawer even pops open so children can figure outdren just match up the pieces to see equivalents side by side. the correct change!10 12 " cash register has a large, solar-powered digital display;Puzzles are 3" x 6". 18.95includes a credit card & play money. 84.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 Grade Level K 1 2 3PP818SET\x1f PLASTIC COINSRealistic plastic coins include nickels, dimes, quar- PP819SET\x1f PAPER MONEYEssential for every classroom. ters, loonies and twoonies.Quarters are 1".Set of 1000139.95 Realistic bills fromves through hundreds. Set of 100069.95Grade Level K 1 2 3KT2365 \x1f Money Match & Learn Activity KitOurinnovativeactivitykitmakes it easy for students to understand the value of toonies, loonies, quar-ters,dimes,nickelsandpennies! Studentsjustslideastarterstrip into the handy pocket chart, then addillustratedanswercardsto practicecountingmoneyand matching it to price tags for items like jewellery, food and toys! Plus, thecardsareallself-checkingstudents just flip them over to see iftheymadetherightmatch!Kit includes an 11 12 " x 16" nylon chart, 15 starter strips, 60 self-checking answer cards, colour-coded headerGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5cards and a guide.37.95 LC1279nTHE ALLOWANCE GAMEWash the car and earn $1.30, but forget your homework and lose a turn!In this fast-paced game, players race around the colourful board doing chores and collecting an allowance, then spend their earn-ings on the things they want.For 2-4 players; game board measures 18". 29.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'