b'Reading 89ELLBackFrontEach card features a lesson on one Shown:Level 1 sideand a corresponding write & wipe activity on the other!Grade Level K 1 2LL575X\x1fENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY CARDS - COMPLETE SETHelp English language learners develop key skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening!Ideal for individual, small-group or whole-class instruction, each leveled set includes 50 double-sided, 8 12 " x 11" cards that have a step-by-step language lesson on one sideand a corresponding write & wipe activity to help students master the concept on the other.As kids complete the activities, theyll build the skills and confidence they need to strengthen their daily use of English.Best of all, our activities mirror what students encounter on English language assessments! All 4 levels, each with a guide featuring a helpful teachers script for walking kids through the activities. 269.95 LL571\x1fLevel 1(Shown.) 69.95 LL573\x1fLevel 369.95 LL572\x1fLevel 2 69.95 LL574\x1fLevel 469.95 DD105nWrite & Wipe MarkersSet of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Shown:WritingEach centre covers a different component of English language development!Grade Level K 1 2LC135XnENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT SKILL-BUILDING Each centre is also available separately.CENTRES - COMPLETE SETLC139 n WritingStudents complete and write sentences Packed with engaging hands-on activities, our centres help students build critical Englishusing markers and 54 word tiles.(Shown.) 62.95language skillsfrom writing sentences to listening and following directions!Children justLC138 n Reading ComprehensionIncludes 6 full-colour follow the simple instructions on each write & wipe activity card to completepicture books kids use to complete a variety of activities. 62.95sentences with word tileslisten to an audio CD as they read along with flip booksprac- LC137 n Speaking & ListeningAn audio CD and 4 flip tice vocabulary with picture cardsand more.When kids are ready, they use the includedbooks teach kids effective speaking and listening skills. 62.95answer cards to check their own work!Complete set includes all 4 centres, each with 15 activity cards, enough hands-on materials for up to 4 children to use at once, 4 write &LC136 n Building VocabularyYou get 55 picture cards wipe markers and a guide.Cards measure 8" x 10". 244.95 that make vocabulary practice engaging.62.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'