b'36 Mathmastering basic skillsGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5POP TO WIN! MATH GAMESPerfectfordemonstratingstudent understanding of math concepts, plus extra practice and review, our action-packedmathgamesletstudents developessentialskillsastheyplay! Each grade-appropriate game features 75 questions based on key math stan-dards, covering number sense, problem solving, time and more.Students just draw a card and solve the problemthen pop the popper to move around the game board!Each game includes everything you need for 2-4 players; the game boards measure 13" x 13".PP221\x1fGr. 1 49.95PP222\x1fGr. 2 49.95PP223\x1fGr. 3(Shown.) 49.95PP224\x1fGr. 4 49.95Shown:PP223Grade 3 PP225\x1fGr. 5 49.95Each board has a Each board has an 120 chart, ten-framesarray, number lines and number lines! and fraction bars! Grade Level K 1 2 Grade Level 3 4 5AA651\x1fBUILDING MATH SKILLS WRITE & WIPE BOARDS - AA652\x1fBUILDING MATH SKILLS WRITE & WIPE BOARDS -K-GR. 2Our double-sided write & wipe boards make practicing early mathGR. 3-5These 30 double-sided boards provide plenty of room to practice concepts easy!The 30 plastic boards feature a 120 chart on one side andwith fractions, area, perimeter and more!Each write & wipe board features number lines and ten-frames on the otherso students can work on counting,number lines, fraction bars and an arrayso you and your students can cover adding, subtracting, comparing numbers and more!Each is 9" x 12". 67.95 a variety of skillsright on one convenient board!Each is 9" x 12". 67.95DD103\x1fWrite & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - 4-Colour Set DD103\x1fWrite & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - 4-Colour SetSet of 4. 6.95 Set of 4. 6.95Grade Level 1 2 3TT495XnMASTERING MATH GAMES LIBRARY - GR. 1-3 From practicing fractions with slices of pizza to searching for place value problems in a haunted house, these exciting games give students plenty of fun, hands-on experience with essential math skills!All 4 games listed below, plus a storage rack that measures 19 78 ".For 2-4 players.234.95Each game is also available separately. TT433nFraction of the Pizza Game(Shown.) 59.95TT356nPlace Value Mystery House Game 59.95TT404nMaking Cents Money Game 59.95TT405nRead the Clock! Time Game 59.95 TT433Lakeshore'