b'142 Index Comparing Fractions29, 53 Daily Practice Journals, 102 Draw & Write Page, 99Comparing Fractions Growth Mindset Giant Magnetic.Flip Books.53 Data & Graphing.30, 32-33, 38, 52 Drawing Conclusions.67, 85Compasses122 Dealing with Feelings Dry-Erase.see Write & WipeChairs, Stacking.4, 25 Composition Books107 Paperback Library128Chairs, Wobble4-5 Compound Words64 Decimal Grids.59 EChanges in Landscape Comprehension Games . Decimals. Early Coding.113Earth Science Kit119 .62-63, 84-85 .30, 33, 35, 39-40, 47, 53, 55, 59 Early Writing ProcessCharacter Traits Comprehension Kits, Decimals Bingo40 Student Folder98Comprehension Kit.82 Finding Evidence.82-83 Decoding 2-Syllable Words Earphones95Characters, Analyzing Comprehension Quiz Cards, Instant Learning Centre71 Earth Activity Tub & Book Library,.68-69, 82-83, 102 Power Pen .86 Design & Build Properties of.125Chart, Classroom Supplies Comprehension, Reading. Engineering Centres.111 Earth Science.Organization.109 62-69, 76, 78-80, 82-93, 102 Designer Accents .97, 112, 118-120, 124-125Chart, Giant Magnetic Comprehension Classroom Carpets.27 Earth Science Kit,Number of the Day.37 Skills Practice Cards.82 Dice.56-58, 64 Changes in Landscape.119Chart Stand, Teach & Store.109 Connect & Store Book Bins.106 Dice, Double.57 Earth Science Kit,Charts, Magnetic Consonants, Blends & Digraphs Dice, Giant Activity.56 Water Conservation119Write & Wipe Organization132 Flash Cards 61 Dice, Ten-Frames Activity56 Earth Science Kit,Charts, Math.37, 44 Containers Pack, Digital Scale123 Weather & Climate118Charts, Pocket.108-109 Maker Space110 Digital Timer, Earth Science Kits,Checkout Chart, Context Clues. Count Up & Count Down50 Landforms & Erosion118Leveled Library.91 .61, 64, 66-67, 82-84, 86 Digraphs & Blends Earth Science Kits,Circuit Kits, Power Tiles.113 Context Clues Grab & Play .61, 63-66, 68, 71-76 Meet the Standards118Classic School Globe.129 Reading Game61 Digraphs Skill-Building Books76 Easel, Double-SidedClassroom Calculator Centre Continents & Oceans Discovery Cans, Mobile Teaching.20for 3047 Instant Learning Centre129 Math in a Flash!39 Easels, TeachingClassroom Carpets22-27 Correct the Sentence! Display & Store .20, 25, 106, 109, 136-137Classroom Carpets, Daily Journals.103 Teaching Cart.137 Easy-Grip Triangular Pencils106Designer Accents.27 Couch with Desks & Power, Display, Classroom20 Easy-Read Ruler.52Classroom Clipboards131 Comfy.6 Display Shelves, Magnetic.132 Easy-ViewClassroom Furniture3-27 Couches, Lounge & Learn Display Stands, Book78-79 Science Specimens123Classroom Kit, .7, 22-23 Diversity EconomyGrowing Bacteria122 Count Up & Count Down .94, 97, 103, 126-127, 129 Instant Learning Centre129Classroom Digital Timer50 Diversity & Inclusion Ecosystems Life Science Kit119Magnetic Letters Kit.73 Counters, Magnetic47 Daily Practice Journal.103 8-Station Junction Boxes.95Classroom Magnetic Counters, Math.31, 47, 58 Diversity & Inclusion 8-Tray Mobile Organizer.139Numbers & Operations Kit46 Counting & Numbers.29, Hardcover Library.127 18-Tray Storage Centre13, 25Classroom Space-Saver 32, 34-35, 37, 40-44, 46-47, 51, Diversity & Inclusion Elapsed TimeBookcase137 56-57, 104 Prompt Cards.127 Write & Wipe Boards50Classroom Stacking Chairs4, 25 Counting Frame42 Division.28-33, Electric Pencil Sharpener.140Classroom Stopwatches122 Counting Rack42 35, 38-40, 43-47, 53, 57-59 Electrical Components Pack,Classroom Storage Bench.12, 25 Craft Boxes Pack, Division Bingo.40 Maker Space110Classroom Supplies Maker Space110 Division Facts Electricity Activity Lab121Organization Chart109 Craft Tubes, Maker Space.110 Folder Game Library.45 Electricity ActivityClassroom Supply Caddies Create-A-Chain Division Flash Cards.33 Tub & Book Library.125.134-135 Reaction STEM Kits.114-115 Division Self-Teaching ELL Materials.88-89, 96, 102, 131Clear-View Bins14 Creative Thinking Flip Book.101 Math Machine.44 Ending Sounds.Clipboards, Classroom.131 Cubes, Dominoes.37, 56, 58, 75 .62, 67-68, 70-71, 73, 75Coins & Bills.51, 58 Giant Sentence Building.100 Dominoes, Beginning Sounds75 Energy CrisisCollaboration Zone, Cubes, Linking Centimeter.59 Dominoes, Blends75 Project-Based STEM Kit.117Write & Wipe.24 Cubes, Unifix 41, 58 Dominoes, Giant Magnetic.56 Energy Physical Science Kit.119Comfy Chair Cultures Around the World Dominoes, Long Vowels.75 Engineer-A-Coasterwith Desk & Power.6 Instant Learning Centre129 Dominoes, Mastering Math37 Activity Kit.111Comfy Classroom Carpets. Curved Seat, Comfy.6 Dominoes, Mastering Phonics.75 Engineering Centres,.22-25, 27 Cushions, Wobble3 Dominoes, Rhyming Words75 Design & Build111Comfy Couch CVC Word Magnets.63 Dominoes, Short Vowels75 Engineering, Sciencewith Desks & Power6 CVC Words63-64, 66, 72-74, 93 Dominoes, Word Families75 .111, 113, 117-119Comfy Curved Seat6 CVC Words Game, Splash!63 Double Dice57 English Language DevelopmentComfy Floor Seat.3, 24 CVC Words, Double-Sided Activity Cards.89 Comfy Floor Table Zone.24 Snap & Build Phonics.73Magnetic Number Tiles.57 English Language DevelopmentComfy Nesting Benches.6 CVC Words, Touch & Read Double-Sided Magnetic Skill-Building Centre,Comfy Pillows4-5, 22 Phonics Sentence Match74 Write & Wipe Boards105 Building Vocabulary89Comfy Pillows, Giant4 Cylinders, Graduated.123 Double-Sided English Language DevelopmentComfy Stools, Flex-Space. Mobile Teaching Easel20, 25 Skill-Building Centre,.3, 24-25 D Double-Sided Write & Wipe Reading Comprehension89Communication Centre, Daily Activity Journal, Boards.53, 104-105, 136 English Language DevelopmentTabletop130 Sight-Word.78 Draw and Print Skill-Building Centre,Compare & Contrast Daily Language Write & Wipe Boards101 Speaking & Listening89.67, 69, 82-83 Practice Journals62 Draw & Write Journals102 English Language DevelopmentCompare & Contrast Daily Math Practice Journals30 Skill-Building Centre, Writing89Comprehension Kits82-83Lakeshore'