b'Language Tools 105LL628nDOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETIC LL869\x1fMAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE LL786\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETICWRITE & WIPE BOARDDouble-sided, write & MINI BOARDOur compact activity boardWRITE & WIPE MINI BOARDwipe and magneticthis handy lapboard has it all!is write & wipe and magneticand its ver- Our mini write & wipe board has twice the activity The board has blank writing and drawing space onsatiledesignmakesitidealfortabletopspace!Use the blank side to draw or stick on mag-frontwith permanent baselines on back.Tempereduseorstudentslaps!Temperedhard- netic letters & numbersor flip it over & use the hardboard; measures 9" x 12". Each16.95 board; measures 5" x 7". Each6.45 baselines for writing!5" x 7". Each8.95LL628XnDouble-Sided Magnetic LL869X\x1fMagnetic Write & WipeLL786X\x1fDouble-Sided Magnetic Write & Wipe Board - Set of 10164.95 Mini Board - Set of 10 62.95 Write & Wipe Mini Board - Set of 10 87.95RR718\x1fWRITING PRACTICE MAGIC PP708\x1fANSWER BOARD SUPPLY PP749\x1fLAKESHORE WRITE & WIPE BOARDOur board has 1 18 " baselines right onCENTREOur handy centre keeps answerANSWER BOARDSThese handy boards are the screenso its easy to practice writing!Kidsboards and supplies organized!Portable unitperfect for all sorts of classroom quizzes, team just use the permanently attached magnetic penholds up to 12 answer boardsincluding ourgames and moregiving children a fun way to reveal to write on the 9 12 " x 10 12 " board, then slide theboards at right or our Ten-Frames and Numbertheir answerswithout shouting!The 8" answer eraser bar to wipe it clean! Each19.95 Bond Magnetic Answer Boards (pages 41 andboards feature a blank write & wipe surface on RR718X\x1fWriting Practice Magic Board -47)with plenty of space for markers, eras- both sidesand theyre made of thick, incredibly Set of 10Each is 9 12 " x 10 12 ". 194.95 ers and more.Durable, lightweight metal;sturdy hardboard for years of classroom use.Set of 9"w x 11 12 "d x 8"h.Supplies not incl. 79.95 10 boards in 2 colours. 86.95DE191\x1fREUSABLE WRITE & WIPE POCKET Save time, money & paperwith our reusable write & wipe pocket! Just slide a worksheet into the see-inside pocketand stu-dents write on the sur-face with a dry-erase marker, then wipe it clean to use again!10 14 " x 13 18 " double-sided vinyl pocket holds paper up to 9" x 12".Comes in red.Each4.95DE190\x1fReusable Write & Wipe TT387\x1fJUMBO DOUBLE-SIDED MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE BOARDPockets - Set of 10Our extra-large magnetic write & wipe board is ideal for whole-class lessons, mod- 2 each of 5 colours. 46.95 eled writing and more!With ruled baselines on one side and blank writing & drawingGG379\x1fReusable space on the other.Tempered hardboard; measures 12" x 15 34 ". Each37.95Write & Wipe TT387X\x1fJumbo Double-Sided Magnetic Write & Wipe Board -Pockets - Set of 30 Reusable pockets Set of 4Each board measures 12" x 15 34 ". 149.95 5 each of 6 colours. 129.95 are write & wipe!Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'