b'104 Language ToolsRR621\x1fMAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE KC60nWRITE & WIPE LAPBOARD JJ386nDOUBLE-SIDEDLAPBOARDThis handy lapboard features Students can write or draw on our dry-eraseLEARN TO PRINT WRITE & WIPE BOARDa write & wipe surface thats also magnetic! lapboard, then simply wipe the board cleanThis ingenious board gives students a writingTempered hardboard; 9" x 12". Each13.95without a trace!The 9" x 12" board is super- and drawing surfaceall in one!Wipe-cleanRR621X\x1fMagnetic Write & Wipesturdy and sized for students. Each7.45 board has permanent baselines on one side andLapboard - Set of 10 134.95KC70nWrite & Wipe Lapboard -blank drawing space on the other.TemperedRR657\x1fLakeshore Lapboard StandSet of 10Each is 9" x 12". 72.95 hardboard; measures 9" x 12". Each11.95Our solid wood stand holds lapboards that RR423nWrite & Wipe Lapboard Erasers - JJ386SETnDouble-Sided Learn to Print measure up to 9" x 12"for easy display!Stand Set of 10Each is 2 14 " long. 24.95 Write & Wipe Board - Set of 10114.95 is 3" x 13"; with a marker tray.9.95MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERS WORD BUILDING MAGNETIC LETTERS GIANT MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERSIdeal for hands-on practice, our easy-grip plasticChildren get all the practice they need toOur jumbo letters and numbers are perfect letters and numbers stick to any magneticmaster word buildingone sound at a time!for exploring language and math concepts surface!Letter sets contain 35 consonantsEach magnetic set includes 35 consonantswith the whole class!Letter sets come with and 13 vowels, and the number set featuresand 13 vowels, all colour-coded to make28 consonants and 12 vowels; number set numbers 0-9all in an assortment of colours.wordbuildingabreeze.Plasticlettersincludes numbers 0-9, plus operation signs. Each uppercase letter is 1 38 ". measure 1"-1 12 ". Chunky plastic; 2 12 "-2 34 " tall.LC206\x1fUppercaseSet of 48. 12.95 LC356\x1fUppercaseSet of 48. 13.95 LC176\x1fUppercaseSet of 40.21.95LC207\x1fLowercaseSet of 48.12.95 LC357\x1fLowercaseSet of 48. 13.95 LC177\x1fLowercaseSet of 40. 21.95LC208\x1fNumbersSet of 50.12.95 LC178\x1fNumbersSet of 40. 21.95WRITE & WIPE MARKERS - THIN-LINEOur narrow-tip dry-erase markers make it easy PP539\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC LINED PAGE LC496\x1fBEST-BUY TOTE BAGS - SET OF 10to create fine linesso theyre ideal for use Designed to look just like notebook paper, ourStore or transport learning materials in our clear- with write & wipe cards, lapboards and more.magnetic write & wipe page is perfect for demon- view bags!With snap-together plastic handles,Markers are nontoxic.strating writing concepts for the entire class to see!each sturdy plastic bag closes completely to keepDD103n4-Colour Set 6.95The 22" x 28" page has permanent 1 12 " baselines,items from slipping out.Theres even space to label!DD104n8-Colour Set 12.95plus a reusable write & wipe surface. 64.95 10 bags; 2 each of 5 colours.13" x 16". 59.95 DD105nBlack - Set of 4 6.45Lakeshore'