b'58 MathmanipulativesRA313\x1fUnifix Cubes RA522\x1fDouble-Sided 200 linking plastic cubes are ideal forCounters450 thick foam counters patterning, number sense, place valueare red on one side and white on the and more. 34 "; in 10 colours. 59.95 other; each measures 1 18 ". 42.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6RA510SET\x1fLAKESHORE MATH MANIPULATIVE LIBRARYAll the manipulatives students need to explore essential math conceptsin one convenient centre!Our handy plastic tubs are filled with a huge variety of manipulatives designed to provide lots of hands-on experience with RA572\x1fPattern Blocks RA272\x1fTangrams25 sets ofeverything from counting and patterning to fractions and probability.Plus, Create patterns and explore geometryplastic tangramsgreat for exploringthe tubs come in a convenient 26"w x 12 12 "d x 19 12 "h storage centre that with 400 plastic blocks in 6 coloursshape, size, symmetry and more.175gives kids easy access to the materials they need!All 12 tubs, each with an and 6 shapes.Largest is 1 34 ".42.95 pcs. in 5 colours; largest is 4".51.95 activity guide. 559.95RA804\x1fGeometric Foam RA802\x1fDominoes RA302\x1fFraction Circles RA991\x1fPlace Value BlocksShapesChildren explore 9 geomet- 168woodendominoesinclude266 colourful plastic pieces help stu- Plastic block set includes 200 ones ric shapes with 45 chunky foam pieces6 complete sets of 28 dominoes.Indents explore fractions from halves tocubes, 20 tens rods and 10 hundreds in 3 colours.Cube is 1 38 ".54.95 6 colours; each is 1 34 " long. 61.95 tenths!Half circle is 4". 66.95 flats.Rods are 4" long. 67.95PP818\x1f PLASTIC COINSRea- PP819\x1f PAPER MONEY RA924\x1fFoam Dice144 piecesRA436\x1fNumber Tileslisticplasticcoinsincludenickels,Essential for every classroom. Realis- include traditional dice, plus dice with162 double-sided tiles with big, bold dimes, quarters, loonies and twoonies.tic bills fromthrough hundreds.operation signs and numbers 1-6.numbers 1-100, plus operation signs.ves Quarters are 1".Set of 25039.95 Set of 25016.95 Each foam die measures34 ". 59.95 Chipboard; each is 1 78 ". 49.95Lakeshore'