b'Flex-Space Furniture 3flexible seatingSeat back adjusts for maximum comfort!LC529LC240X\x1fCOMFY STOOLS - SET OF 3 LC405 \x1f COMFY FLOOR SEATOur comfy, compact seats are a great addition to reading nooks,Give kids a special place to sitwith a cozy chair that provides group tables, Flex-Space desks & more!Plus, theyre made withflexible classroom seating wherever you need it!The chair features wipe-clean rugged vinyl that makes care a cinch.Set of 3 seats incushionedbacksupportthatadjuststotheperfectposition3 colours; each seat is 15 12 " in diameter and 14" high. 979.95 simply lift the back of the seat to a comfortable height, then just lay LC231\x1fComfy Stool - Each itflatforconvenientstorage!Removablemicrofibrecoveris Please specify colour:green, orange or blue.329.95 machine-washable; seat measures 22" wide.Please specify colour: green, orange, blue or grey. 129.95LC511\x1fWOBBLE CUSHIONJust place this handy cushion on the floor or on a chairfor flexible seating anywhere!Our super-durable vinyl cushion is specially designed to let students wiggle and wobble while they sithelping childrenfocusastheymove.Itfeatureslargenubsonone sideand small nubs on the otherstudents simply select the sensory surface they prefer!Measures 13 12 " in diameter.Cushion requires inflation with a standard ball pump (not included).Please specify colour:orange, blue or green. 36.95PREMIUM TEARDROPBEANBAG SEATSPerfectforreadingareas, classroom activities and more, ourbeanbagsprovidecozy, flexibleseatingstudentslove! Theseatsfeatureextra-high backs and mold to the bodys contour for the ultimate comfort and supportplus, each seat has a wipe-clean vinyl cover thatincludesastitch-closed zipper to keep the polystyrene beads inside.Please specify colour: green, orange or blue.LC573\x1fTeardrop Beanbag SeatMeasures 30"w x 32"h. 199.95LC574\x1fJumbo Teardrop Beanbag SeatLC574 LC573 Measures 36"w x 34"h. 439.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'