b'86 Readingreading comprehensionAwesome!Kids touch the pen to the card to instantly find out if theyre right or wrong!Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5POWER PEN! READING COMPREHENSION QUIZ CARDSKids build reading comprehension skillsand get instant reinforcement for a Grade Level 2 3 4 job well done!These card sets work with a Power Pen to help reinforce FF320X n READING COMPREHENSION BINGO LIBRARY foundational reading strategies such as using context clues, making inferences Reinforce key comprehension skills with our fun-to-play bingo games!and more!Each set includes 53 double-sided cards that feature fiction and Each game covers a different skillfrom predicting outcomes to usingnonfiction passagesplus comprehension questions, a guide and an answer context cluesso students get the targeted practice they need tokey.Cards measure 5" x 8" each.Power Pen sold separately.master each one.Library includes all 4 games, each with mats andBD581\x1fGrade 134.95BD584\x1f Grade 434.95playing pieces for up to 36 players.89.95 BD582\x1fGrade 234.95BD585\x1f Grade 534.95Each bingo game is also available separately. BD583\x1fGrade 334.95FF321 n Fact & Opinion Bingo(Shown.) 23.95 BD530\x1fPOWER PEN!This pen works with Power Pen card sets, FF322 n Predicting Outcomes Bingo23.95 providing instant feedback for both correct and incorrect responses!Requires FF323 n Context Clues Bingo23.95 2 AAA batteries (not included).Each26.95FF324 n Main Idea Bingo 23.95 BD530X\x1f Power Pen! - Set of 4104.95Shown:Sequencing4 different titles in each set!Lesson Plan File Folder Passage Cards for 6 StudentsReproducible Graphic OrganizerGrade Level 2 3LC465XnHIGH-INTEREST INTERVENTION READING FOLDERS - GR. 2-3 -4 folders, 24 passage cards and a guide.Folders measure COMPLETE SETHeres everything you need to help struggling students become9 14 " x 11 14 ". 269.95successful and enthusiastic young readers!Each set listed at right includes 6 copies ofEach folder set is also available separately.4 different fiction or nonfiction passages that feature high-interest topics and bold, eye- ncatching graphics to get children excited about reading.And the passages are writtenLC470nCentral Message Folders 54.95at a level that ensures success among even the most reluctant readers!Just follow theLC469nReading for Details Folders 54.95comprehensive lesson plan outlined in each file folder, and use the reproducible graphicLC468nMaking Inferences Folders54.95organizers and assessments to monitor students progress.All 5 sets, each withLC466nMain Idea Folders 54.95LC467 Sequencing Folders(Shown.)54.95Lakeshore'