b'90 Literature & Informational Textsleveled librariesGrade Level K 1 2 3 4AA300X\x1fLEVELED BOOKS CLASSROOM LIBRARY 1Help students become successful and enthusiastic readerswith specially selected books for every reading level!Ideal for both guided and independent reading, our library includes 80 books leveled using Fountas and Pinnells systemmaking it easy to provide differentiated instructionand meet every students needs. For each level, you get a book bin with a starter set of 5 paperback books, plus handy stickers to label the books by levelwith enough extra stickers to add tons of titles to your library!Library includes all 16 bins shown, each with 5 books, 60 book stickers, a bin label, a reproducible activity and a guide. 1329.95See chart to order individual bins and book sets. Reading Book Bin Extra Book SetLevel (w/ 5 books, stickers & guide) (5 books)A (K)AA302 89.95 AA833 66.95B (K) AA303 84.95 AA834 64.95C (K) AA304 89.95 AA835 59.95D (K-Gr. 1) AA305 82.95 AA836 59.95E (Gr. 1) AA306 84.95 AA837 82.95F(Gr. 1) AA307 79.95 AA838 57.95G (Gr. 1) AA308 89.95 AA839 68.95H (Gr. 1) AA309 94.95 AA841 72.95I (Gr. 1) AA316 94.95 AA842 72.95J (Gr. 1-2) AA317 69.95 AA843 47.95K (Gr. 2) AA318 84.95 AA844 61.95L (Gr. 2) AA319 72.95 AA845 49.95M (Gr. 2-3) AA336 79.95 AA846 57.95N (Gr. 3) AA337 82.95 AA847 59.95O (Gr. 3) AA338 89.95 AA848 68.95P(Gr. 3-4) AA339 91.95 AA849 69.95 Leveled Library Checkout Chart sold separately.Lakeshore'