b'40 Mathmastering basic skillsShown:Grade 1Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5NUMBER TALK DAILY ACTIVITY CENTRESJust grab one of our ready-to-use problem cardsand get the whole class talking about number concepts!The activity centres each include 120 cards divided into 3categories,encouragingstudentstomodelmathconcepts,explaintheir reasoning and critique the reasoning of others.Simply use the front of each card to introduce a daily problem, then enrich your discussion using the follow-up questions on back.As students think about and discuss each problem, theyll sharpen problem-solving skills and strengthen mathematical reasoning!Each centre includes 3 storage cups to keep cards organizedall in a 10 12 " display tray. EE110\x1fKindergarten64.95 EE113\x1fGrade 364.95 Follow-up questions EE111\x1fGrade 1(Shown.) 64.95 EE114\x1fGrade 464.95 on back dig deeper EE112\x1fGrade 264.95 EE115\x1fGrade 564.95 into each problem! Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5STUDENT WRITE & WIPE NUMBER LINESOur write & wipe number lines let students explore math concepts right at their desks!Each set includes 30 number lines(10eachof3differentnumberlines)withwhole numbers,decimalsorfractionsonthefrontplusopen number lines on the back to use with any math problem! Each number line measures 3 14 " x 12".RR669nFractionsFourths, sixths and tenths.34.95RR667nDecimals10ths & 2 different 100ths.34.95RR668nWhole Numbers1s, 10s & 100s.(Shown.) 34.95Create your own numberDD103nWrite & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - 4-Colour Setlines on the back! Set of 4. 6.45Grade Level 1 2 3 Grade Level 3 4 5JJ330XnMATH BINGO LIBRARY - GR. 1-3 JJ660XnMATH BINGO LIBRARY - GR. 3-5Our high-interest bingo games reinforce essential math skillsin a fun,These fast-paced bingo games provide skill-building practice with challenging easy-to-play format!From time to numerical operations, 5 games each focusmath conceptsdeveloping mental math skills and reinforcing fractions, on a different conceptwith all you need for up to 36 players.94.95 decimals, geometry and more!All 6 games, each for up to 36 players. 144.95Each bingo game is also available separately. Each19.95 Each bingo game is also available separately. Each24.95JJ391nTimeJJ394nAdditionJJ656nProblem SolvingJJ393nMultiplicationJJ691nPlace Value JJ332nMeasurement(Shown.) JJ658nGeometryJJ695nDivision JJ395nSubtractionJJ392nFractions JJ654nFractions & Decimals(Shown.)Lakeshore'