b'Literature & Informational Texts 95read-along equipmentFF290 (Includes CD player, headphones and junction box.)Volume controlDD210n Adaptable plugsMULTIPURPOSE HEADPHONES WITH VOLUME CONTROLVersatile, comfortable and easy to use, our high-quality headphones are perfect for any classroom!Padded, adjustable headphones feature adaptable plugs that fit into CD and cassette players, junction boxeseven computers.Plus, they have a volume control right on the cord!Cord measures 74". Each18.95DD220XnMultipurpose Headphones with Volume Control - Set of 8 149.95JJ665nPORTABLECD PLAYERThis top-FF290 \x1f BEST-BUY LISTENING CENTRE.quality player is lightweight, Set up a complete listening centrein half the table space!The ruggedcompact and completely por-metal centre comes with our JJ665 CD player (at right), 4 pairs of FN2924C table!Our heavy-duty player adjustable headphones (below) and our LA802 junction box with volumefeatures a built-in speaker, anti-skip technology, repeat and controls (below).Plus,itseasytokeepmaterialsorganizedwithashuffle functionsplus14 " and designated space for everythingincluding read-along books and CDs!118 " headphone jacks.CD Measures 12"w x 9"d x 94 "h.CDs and books not included. 399.95 player measures 10 12 " long; FF289 \x1f Best-Buy Storage Centre OnlyOur compact metal storageplugs into the wall or runs on centre only; designed to fit our junction box (sold below) and a player.With4 C batt. (not incl.). 169.95handy hooks for headphones and storage space for books and CDs. 79.95GG820nREAD-ALONG LISTENING CENTREAn instant listening centre and easy-access storage space for all your read-along materialsin a convenient, compact design that fits right on your table-top!The sturdy wooden centre comes with our LA802 8-station junction box with individual volume controls, plus 8 pairs of FN2924C adjustable head-phones that fit onto the centreall with washable ear cushions & wipe-clean vinyl headbands that keep their shape year after year.Plus, theres plenty of extraspacetostoreyourread-alongmaterialsandbooksinside! 19 34 "w x 14 12 "d x 8 12 "h.Read-along kits not incl. 499.95GG819nRead-Along Storage Unit OnlyOur rugged wooden unit has room for a junction box and 8 pairs of headphonesplus additional space inside for your books & read-along materials.19 34 "w x 14 12 "d x 8 12 "h. 249.95Additional Listening Centre components are alsoavailable separately below. FN2924Cn LISTENINGLA802n8-STATIONCENTRE HEADPHONESJUNCTION BOX WITHSpeciallysizedforchildren,ourVOLUME CONTROLSheadphones have comfy, washable earJunction box has individual volume cushions and adjustable, wipe-clean vinylcontrols that let kids adjust their headbands that wont stretch out or loseown sound level.With14 " jacks for their shape.With14 " and18 " adaptor plugs. headphones.(Shown.) 49.95Each28.95 LA803n8-Station FN2924CXnListening Centre Junction Box Without Headphones - Set of 8Perfect forVolume ControlsJust like the use with our junction box at right. 229.95 junction box above, only withoutthe volume controls. 32.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'