b'116 STEMGrade Level 3 4 5TT759\x1fBUILDING BRICK STEM CHALLENGE KITYoungengineersboostSTEM skillsastheycompleteone hands-onchallengeafter anotherfromconstructinga spinningwindmilltobuildinga solvable maze!Students simply choose a challenge card, use the snap-together building pieces to engineerasolutionandthen testtheircreation,revisingand retestinguntiltheirdesignis successful.Our kit includes over 250 building pieces & 10 double-sidedchallengecardswith possiblesolutionsontheback. Cards measure 8 12 " wide. 89.95Grade Level 4 5PP909\x1f REAL-WORLD STEM CHALLENGE KIT - GR. 4-5 solve problems.Children plan, build and test their designs, then improve them Construct an earthquake-safe structure, design a robotic hand that can pickuntil they are successful.The kit comes with materials for 3 engaging chal-up a balland engineer a filter that purifies water!Our kit helps students thinklenges, detailed lesson plans packed with tipsplus careers cards that apply like scientists and engineers as they explore the STEM design process andwhat kids are learning to the real world!Cards measure 8 12 " x 11". 359.95Lakeshore'