b'Reading 73phonological awareness & phonicsGrade Level K 1 2TT331\x1fSTACK & BUILD PHONICS FLIP BOOKS Grade Level K 1 2 3Students ip, stack and build phonics skillsand grow their vocabularies LC926\x1fCLASSROOM MAGNETIC LETTERS KITword after word!Kids just open one of the photographic flip books and buildWith our giant letters kit, its easy for the whole class to practice language the first word with the stacking tilesthen stack a new tile on top, changingskillson any magnetic surface!You get 240 lowercase magnetic lettersall one beginning, middle or ending sound at a time until theyve built all the wordsin a compartmentalized storage box with labels for easy organization.The in the book!You get 12 flip books covering short vowels, long vowels, blendsconsonants & vowels are even colour-coded to make word building a breeze! and digraphs, plus 125 tiles in 3 bags.Flip books measure 2" x 7 34 ". 89.95 Plastic letters are 1"-1 12 " tall. 79.95Shown:CVC WordsSimply snap lettersonto the board!Grade Level K 1 2EE700X\x1fSNAP & BUILD PHONICS - COMPLETE SET Each set is also available separately.Spelling words & mastering phonics is a snapwith hands-on picture boards and letter clips kidsEE706\x1fSnap & Build Vowel Sounds 56.95cant resist!Students just grab a board, then snap the clips right on it to build the word that matchesEE707\x1fSnap & Build Blends & Digraphs 56.95the picture.And with enough letter clips to build all the words at once, each set is perfect forEE708\x1fSnap & Build CVC Words(Shown.) 56.95multiple children to use at the same time!All 3 sets, each with 20 picture boards, 60-69 letter clips, a divided storage box for easy cleanup & a guide.Boards are 2 34 " x 4 12 ". 164.95Grade Level K 1HH745X\x1fPOP & MATCH PHONICS GAMES - COMPLETE SET Each game box is also available separately.Give students tons of fun phonics practicewith our irresistible Pop & Match Games!HH746 \x1f Beginning Sounds4 games.(Shown.) 79.95Children simply grab a set of 8" x 10" write & wipe game cards and a colour-coded pop- HH747 \x1f Middle Sounds4 games. 79.95pertake turns popping the letter cube insidethen use the letters to complete theHH748 \x1f Ending Sounds4 games. 79.95words on their game cards.The first player to complete all their words wins!All 3 boxes,DD105 \x1f Write & Wipe Markerseach with 4 different games (12 games in all).Each game is for 1-6 players. 229.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'