b'46 Mathoperations & algebraic thinkingAnswerson back!Each card shows the Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 Grade Level 3 4 correct answer on back!TW450X\x1fALL FACTS MATH FLASH CARDS - COMPLETE SET LC166\x1fHANDS-ON MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION KITHelp students learn math facts with these self-checking flash cards!Each cardIts easy to solve complex multiplication and division problemswith this features a math problem on the front and the answer on the back, so its easyhands-on approach!Our kit includes a work tray, place value blocks and for students to work independently.Plus, the cards cover each fact throughself-checking problem cards.Students simply place a card in the handy well 12to help students master every math fact.You get all 4 sets, each withat the top of the tray and create an area model using the ones, tens and 156-169 cards packed in a handy storage box.Cards are 3" x 6". 94.95 hundreds blocksmaking it a breeze to visualize each problem and solve it. Each set is also available separately. Each problem card shows the answer on backso kids can check their own TW451\x1fAddition 24.95 TW453\x1fMultiplication24.95 work as they go.Kit includes 60 ones cubes, 30 tens rods and 4 hundreds TW452\x1fSubtraction24.95 TW454\x1fDivision 24.95 flats, plus 40 problem cards, an 11" plastic tray and a guide. 62.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 4LC494\x1fNUMBER & OPERATION TILES - STUDENT PACK Grade Level K 1 2 3Here are all the tiles a student needs to compare numbers, add, subtract,LC928nCLASSROOM MAGNETIC NUMBERS & OPERATIONS KITmultiply, divide and morein one ready-to-use pack!You get 52 double- Our magnetic numbers and operation symbols help students develop math sided tiles, including 40 numbers (4 each of numbers 0-9) and 12 operationskills at every levelfrom counting and building number sense to forming symbolsorganized in an easy-seal vinyl storage pouch.Sturdy chipboardand solving equations!You get a total of 160 super-sturdy plastic magnets, tiles measure 1". Each Pack9.95 including 60 operation symbols and 10 each of numbers 0 through 9all in LC494X\x1fNumber & Operation Tiles - Set of 10 Student Packs a partitioned, labeled storage box that keeps the magnets organized. 10 individual storage pouches, each with 52 presorted tiles.(Shown.) 94.95 Numbers are 1 12 " tall. 72.95Grade Level K 1 2AA391nNUMBER LINE MATHACTIVITY CHARTHelp students visualize math conceptsand give them hands-on practice, too!Double-sided number cards let you create a customized number line showing any sequence of numbers from 1 to 120, so children can count by ones, practice skip-counting by fivesand more! Plus, you get activity cards that provide focused practice with basic skills, including addition & subtraction, more than/less than, sequencing and more. The 18" x 53 34 " chart comes with over 140 cards and 6 manipulatives for counting and problem solving. 109.95Lakeshore'