b'38 Mathmastering basic skillsCentres include enough materials for 4 students!Shown:Addition & SubtractionGrade Level 1 2 3DD569XnMATH INSTANT LEARNING CENTRESOurready-to-usecentreshaveeverythingkidsneedtobuildmathskillsindependently!Just set out the materials, introduce the activity and let kids work at their own pace!Designed for up to 4 students at once, each centre comes with materials for the activity, plus a double-sided chart with simple, easy-to-follow instructionsa reproducible write & wipe assessment cardan answer cardand a guide with differentiated instruction strategies.You get all 7 centres.549.95Each centre is also available separately. Each79.95DD571n Addition & Subtraction(Shown.)HH781nUnderstanding FractionsDD563nPlace ValueHH495nBeginning Multiplication DD576nData & GraphingHH497nNumber Sense HH492nElapsed Time Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5EE990X\x1fVISUALIZE IT! PART-WHOLE CARDS - COMPLETE SET Each box is also available separately. Designed to jump-start math fluency, our part-whole cards help studentsEE991\x1fAddition/Subtraction Students practice addition and visualize math problemsfrom addition and subtraction to place valuesubtraction through 20.36.95andfractions!Eachcardfeaturesakid-friendlybarmodelwithaEE992\x1fMultiplication/DivisionChildren master multiplication question mark representing the missing value.After children solve forand division facts through 12. 36.95the missing number, they simply flip the card over to check their answer!EE993\x1fPlace Value Students practice decomposing numbers Perfect for small groups, math centres and independent practice, theinto ones, tens and hundreds.36.95complete set includes all 4 boxes listed at right, each with 100 double-sidedcardsinasturdyboxwithtabbeddividers.CardsmeasureEE994\x1fFractionsChildren add and subtract fractions with like 4" x 6". 144.95 denominators.36.95Lakeshore'