b'114 STEMChildren set up the preassembled parts to create chain reactions!Grade Level K 1 2CREATE-A-CHAIN REACTION STEM KITS - K-GR. 2Kids set off a chain reaction of fun!Our super-engaging kits let children set up aPP565 \x1fStarter Set37 super-tough plastic piecesincluding course of ramps, pendulums, hammers and morethen drop a ball onto the trackstracks, pendulums, hammers, a switch, a goal box & moreplus and go for the goal box!After each test run, students will fine-tune the placement,4 balls, 6 challenge cards and a guide.Tracks are 12" long. 109.95distance & angle of each piecegetting firsthand practice with STEM conceptsPP566 \x1fClass Set67 durable plastic piecesincluding tracks, such as gravity, force & momentum!Packed with super-durable pieces, each kit ispendulums, hammers, switches, a goal box & moreplus 6 balls, perfect for open-ended buildingor kids can use the leveled challenge cards to10 challenge cards & a guide.Tracks are 12" long.(Shown.) 189.95create a variety of different courses from scratch!Grade Level K 1PP907 \x1fREAL-WORLD STEM CHALLENGE KIT - K-GR. 1 Children learn to think like real scientists and engineersas they design, build and test a working parachute, a leakproof roof and a floating raft!Our challenges introduce kids to the STEM design process as a way to solve problems.Students plan, build and test their designs, then improve them until they are successful.The kit includes everything you need for 3 exciting challengeseven detailed lesson plans and careers cards.Cards measure 8 12 " x 11". 359.95Lakeshore'