b'Math 29mastering basic skillsGrade Level 1 2LM250X\x1fGRAB & PLAY MATH GAMES - GR. 1-2 - COMPLETE SET Our skill-building games make learning math fun and easy!Kids just pop open a box to master addition facts in an adventure through outer spacematch upGrade Level 3 4shapes to their names and attributes in a memory-style game. Complete set ofLM330X\x1fGRAB & PLAY MATH GAMES - GR. 3-4 - COMPLETE SETall 5 games, each a cinch to set upwith everything students need to play.Students work in a robot factory building division equationstravel the western Boxes measure 6 12 " x 7 34 ".For 2-4 players.204.95 frontier while comparing fractionsdiscover an ancient treasure as they solve Each game is also available separately. multiplication problems to get 3 products in a rowand more!Our ready-to-play LM251\x1fAddition Game41.95 games are easy to set up and include everything kids need to play packed in a LM252\x1fSubtraction Game 41.95 handy compact box.Children just grab a game and let the learning begin!Set LM253\x1fShapes Game41.95 of all 6 games, each for 2-4 players; boxes measure 6 12 " x 7 34 ".249.95LM254\x1fPlace Value Game41.95 Each game is also available separately.LM255\x1fTime Game41.95 LM331\x1fMultiplication Game42.95LM333\x1fAdding & Subtracting Fractions Game42.95LM334\x1fComparing Fractions Game42.95LM335\x1fPlace Value Game42.95LM336\x1fGeometric Measurement Game42.95LM332\x1fDivision Game(Shown.) 42.95HH726 HH727HH728 HH729Grade Level K 1 2 Back is magnetic! Grade Level K 1PP929\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC VISUAL MODELS CHART HH725X\x1fSELF-CHECKING MATH MATCH-UPS - COMPLETE SETShow the whole class how to use ten-frames, number bonds and number lines!Our self-correcting puzzles provide hands-on practice with early math concepts! Our giant chart is write & wipe, so students and teachers can write directly onEach set includes 30 two-piece, 3" x 6" puzzles that focus on a specific skillthree types of visual modelsto practice modeling and solving tons of differentfrom number patterns to word problems.Kids just match up the pieces to solve math problems again and again.Perfect for adding, subtracting and findingequations, see equivalents side by side & more. All 4 colour-coded sets. 94.95unknown numbers, the 22" x 28" chart sticks on any magnetic surface. 61.95HH726\x1fNumber Patterns24.95HH727\x1fEquation Match 24.95DD106\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers.HH728\x1fNumbers to 10024.95HH729\x1fWord Problems 24.95Set of 4 dry-erase markers in 4 colours. 7.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'