b'88 ReadingELLJust flip the cards to see how to pronounce each wordGrade Level 2 3 4 5in 13 different languages! LL405X\x1fTRICKY WORDS & PHRASES TEACHING CARDSShown:Around Our Community Our teaching cards make tricky words and phrases easy to understandfrom Grade Level K 1 2 3 which and witch to piece of cake!Each sturdy laminated card features a DD560SETnVOCABULARY DEVELOPMENTdifferent idiom, homophone pair or multiple-meaning wordwith simple PHOTO CARD LIBRARIES - COMPLETE SET sentences that show how its used in context, plus a picture clue for extra Help children build their English vocabulary one word at a timewithreinforcement.Weve even included activity ideas that provide targeted practice full-colour cards that make it easy to integrate students nativewith each word or phrase, so students really master them all!You get all 3 sets, languages!Perfect alone or for expanding on classroom themes,each with 40 cards (for a total of 120 cards); each card is 7" x 9". 114.95each library has 50 cards with a photo on frontand the word onLL399\x1fUnderstanding IdiomsSet of 40 illustrated teaching cards backinEnglishand13otherlanguagesfromSpanishtofeaturing sentences that include a common expression or saying. 39.95Vietnamese.Plus, the 4 12 " x 5 34 " cards have phonetic pronunciations,LL397\x1fUnderstanding HomophonesYou get 40 illustrated teaching so anyone can use them!Set of all 5 libraries. 219.95 cards, each with sentences featuring words that sound alike but are spelled Each photo card library is also available separately. Each44.95 differently and have different meanings. 39.95DD522n Around Our DD529nSchool LL398\x1fUnderstanding Multiple MeaningsSet includes 40 illustrated Community(Shown.) DD527nAll About Me teaching cards, each featuring two sentences that use the same word but DD528n Foods DD525nAnimals with two different meanings. 39.95Instant learning games target 8 skills! Shown:Singular & Plural Nouns GameGrade Level 2 3 4 5LL584nENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER GAMES LIBRARYStudents master the basics of written and spoken Englishwith 8 different excitement-filled games!Each game targets a specific skill in grammar, vocabulary or usageand features a super-simple format that kids can easily pick up and play in pairs or small groupsfrom a memory matching game with idioms and their meanings to a game of Go Fish with singular and plural nouns.Each game even includes an answer card for easy self-checking, plus enough materials for up to 4 players at once!Set of 8 games, all in an 11 78 " box. 319.95Lakeshore'