b'80 ReadingfluencyHatcatbatGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6EE538nHEAR MYSELF SOUND PHONE BR135X\x1fSHEL SILVERSTEIN POETRY SERIES WITH CDSOur ingenious, fun-to-use phone lets kids hear themselves talkRhyme, rhythm and voice come alive with the irresistible, fun-to-read poems of and really focus on every sound they say!Great for oral reading,favourite author Shel Silverstein!Each book comes complete with a read-along CD, self-monitoring speed and expression, phonics practice andso students can listen as they readand get a solid grasp of pacing, intonation, more, the 6 34 " molded plastic phone is sized just for childrenexpression and more.Series includes all 3 hardcover books and CDs. 154.95and has a lightweight, easy-grip handle. Each11.95 BR137\x1fA Light in the Attic Hardcover Book & CD 51.95EE539nHear Myself Sound Phone -BR136\x1fWhere the Sidewalk Ends Hardcover Book & CD 53.95Set of 10Each measures 6 34 " long. 114.95 BR138\x1fRunny Babbit Hardcover Book & CD51.95Shown:Grades 1-2 Grade Level 1 2 3 4FLUENCY & COMPREHENSION PARTNER SCRIPTSStudents build fluency and compre-hension skillsas they read high-interestpassagestogetherthen quizeachotheronwhattheyve read!Each box has 2 copies each of12differentreadingpassages, including stories, poems and non-fictionselectionsforatotalof 24 script folders.Plus, each folder has a self-checking slider card with comprehensionquestions.Kids justtaketurnsreadingthehigh-lighted parts of their scripts, then askeachotherthequestionsto recall details, make inferences and Scripts are highlighted, so its easymore!for students to read their parts! FF478 n Gr. 1-2(Shown.) 81.95Slide the question card FF479 n Gr. 3-4 81.95to reveal each answer!Grade Level 1 2 3EE501nBUILDING FLUENCYIncludes 80 cards at 10 different reading levels!CARD BANK - GR. 1-3 Our card bank makes it easy for students to practice oral reading skillsboosting speed, accuracy and word recognition as they go! The cards feature fiction, nonfiction and poetry passagesall with a word count at the end of each line. Children use the included timers to read aloud for one minute, then record the number of words theyve read correctly!You get 80 cards at 10 different reading levelsplus 4 timers, 4 write & wipe reading checklists, a reproducible progress chartandaguide.Thecards measure 8 12 " x 11". 119.95Lakeshore'