b'78 Readingsight-wordsGrade Level K 1 Grade Level K 1 2GG183\x1fSIGHT-WORD DAILY ACTIVITY JOURNAL FF468 n MAGNETIC SIGHT-WORD SENTENCE BOARDOur easy-to-use Our activity-filled journal builds sight-word skills day by dayfor allmagnetic sentence board lets students build tons of simple sight-word sentences!The 35 weeks of the school year!Each week, students master 2 to 3 ofcolour-coded, 8" x 10 12 " magnetic board comes with 14 sight-word phrase magnets, the first 100 high-frequency sight-wordsindependently completing27 picture-word magnets & 3 punctuation magnets.Kids just place a phrase magnet in word scrambles, fill-in-the-blank sentences and much more.Journalthe red column, put any picture-word magnet in the yellow column & complete the measures 8 12 " x 10 12 " and is 72 pages long. Each9.95 rebus-style sentence with a period in the green columndeveloping vocabulary & flu-GG184\x1fSight-Word Daily Activity Journal - Set of 10 94.95 ency and mastering sight-words as they build each sentence & read it aloud! 59.95Grade Level 1 2 3DV480X\x1fSIGHT-WORDS FLASH CARDS - COMPLETE SETStudents master over 280 sight-wordswith handy flash cards that provide skill-building practice at just the right level!Each card has a sight-word on front, plus a sentence on back showing the word in context.You get all 3 sets, each with 95 cards that gradually increase in difficulty.Cards are 3" x 5 34 ". 34.95DV481\x1fSight-Words Flash Cards - Level 1 11.95DV482\x1fSight-Words Flash Cards - Level 2 11.95DV483\x1fSight-Words Flash Cards - Level 3 11.95Fiction Sight-Word ReadersLevel 1 Level 2Books in Level 1 focus on 5 to 7 sight-words at a time. Books in Level 2 review those wordsand add 5 to 9 more!Grade Level K 1LAKESHORE FICTION SIGHT-WORD READERS TT235 \x1fLakeshore Fiction Sight-Word Readers - Level 1What better way to focus on sight-words than with skill-building storiesChildren master 32 of the most common sight-words!The 20 readers focus students can read on their own!Our easy-to-follow books are filledon just 5 to 7 sight-words per book.Includes a teachers guide. 84.95with predictable sentence patterns that help children master commonTT536 \x1fLakeshore Fiction Sight-Word Readers - Level 2sight-wordswith helpful illustrations that closely support the text.BestOur 20 higher-level readers review the same 32 sight-words from of all, each book is entirely made up of sight-words and simple rebusLevel 1and introduce 32 additional sight-words!With a guide. 84.95pictures, giving students all the focused reinforcement they need toGG421 \x1fBook Display StandSturdy metal rack neatly stores and master high-frequency words. displays 20 of our Sight-Word Readers.Measures 25 12 " wide. 79.95Lakeshore'